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  1. Early home and academic experiences are critical to the development of ______________ knowledge
  2. This theorist of psychology would have been a fan of constructivism
  3. In the information processing model there are three control processes they are...
  4. This strategy of instruction goes through the steps of orientation, presentation, structured practice, guided practice, and independent practice.
  5. A strategy that takes into account the content to be learned and how the mind works.
  1. a Attention Recognition, (and) memory
  2. b Advance Organizer
  3. c background
  4. d Piaget
  5. e Direct Instruction

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  1. Revisit (the) Original Topic (Childhood is like a...)
  2. Shaping
  3. Deficiency
  4. Student Hypotheses
  5. cues

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  1. removing something POSITIVE in order to decrease behavior.Punishment II


  2. In this kind of instruction, the teacher explains explicitly what they are going to learn, hooks them into the lesson and follows a step by step presentation teacher withdraws for practice and culminates in individual practice.Direct Instruction


  3. Responding similarly to similar stimuli, if boat has a long "o" sound, coat also probably has a long "o" sound.Discrimination


  4. Elements of Cooperative Learning: All researchers agree on positive _________________. Meaning with true cooperative learning groups they are supposed to share materials, reward (grade).social skills (You can't assume students know how to work together)


  5. Imposing or adding something NEGATIVE in order to decrease behavior.Positive reinforcement