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  1. Cognitive Learning Theory has to do with the Information ________________ Model or how we ________ in, ____________ and _________ information.
  2. Thinking about this is important when considering memory.
  3. Most computer-based instruction is a part of this kind of learning theory
  4. Reptilian Brain or Stem is the __________ part of the brain
  5. Adding something POSITIVE to increase behavior.
  1. a automatic response
  2. b Processing/take/process/store
  3. c Positive reinforcement
  4. d Behaviorism (learning theory)
  5. e meaning

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  1. Operant Conditioning
  2. teachers
  3. Students think about attributes (they all have a lot of vowels, they all start and end with the same letters)
  4. over/under (with regards to studying this means that people need to learn and re-learn things because they often think they know more than they do).
  5. increases/decreases

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  1. In the information processing model, The Control Process associated with cramming for tests, you don't learn the information for a long time but more than 20 secondsActive Processing


  2. The highest level on Maslow's hierarchy is called a _________ need because you never actually achieve it, you are always working towards this self-actualization.growth


  3. Schedule of Reinforcement; step two, on and off you reinforce the positive behavior you are trying to increaseContinuous


  4. The second step of the inquiry process is...Teacher Categorizes ideas (What have we found out objects, events, conditions)


  5. The third step of concept attainment in the inductive model by Jerome Bruner is...Students generate hypothesis (is it short vowels?)