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  1. The idea of shaping and deductive learning are really important in this type of instruction.
  2. The third step of the inquiry process is...
  3. Skinner put a rat in a box and if he touched a bar he got food, then over time, through re-inforcement, the rat would learn to repeat that activity this experiment tested the idea of...
  4. This theory by Hilda Taba starts with a general category and then list off specifics then grouping them into smaller categories.
  5. In the information processing model, This information processing category stores information that is meaningful, organized etc.
  1. a Long Term memory
  2. b Operant Conditioning
  3. c Concept Formation
  4. d Teacher Categorizes ideas (What have we found out objects, events, conditions)
  5. e Direct Instruction

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  1. cues
  2. Fixed Interval
  3. LOCI
  4. Students generate hypothesis (is it short vowels?)
  5. thinking

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  1. In the information processing model there are three control processes they are...Attention Recognition, (and) memory


  2. FBA stands for...functional behavior assessment


  3. Reinforcement after pre-determined, average, time intervalVariable Interval


  4. Techniques for Elaborative Rehearsal; this technique is where you use rhymes, acrostics, acronyms, pegwords, lociMnemonic Devices


  5. Early home and academic experiences are critical to the development of ______________ knowledgeNegative Reinforcement