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  1. Schedules of Reinforcement; determine a fixed number of responses they will get a prize.
  2. A strategy that takes into account the content to be learned and how the mind works.
  3. The fourth step of the inquiry process is...
  4. Responding differently to similar stimuli.
  5. The fifth step of concept attainment in the inductive model by Jerome Bruner is...
  1. a Discrimination
  2. b Fixed Ratio
  3. c Students Generate Examples (RACECAR is a palindrome!)
  4. d Advance Organizer
  5. e Student Hypotheses

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  1. cues
  2. Constructivism
  3. Shared (each person is responsible for a different part)
  4. organization
  5. Piaget

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  1. This is technique of elaborative rehersal is based on the principle that we remember that which is first best.chunking


  2. In the information processing model, your ___________ affects what you taken in in your sensory registerSensory Register, Maintenance Rehearsal, Elaborative Rehearsal


  3. In the information processing model, in this memory store there are so many stimuli coming in from the outside word, we make a subconscious selection as to what we will take in and recognize.Sensory Register, Maintenance Rehearsal, Elaborative Rehearsal


  4. The idea of shaping and deductive learning are really important in this type of instruction.Students ask yes/no questions


  5. removing something POSITIVE in order to decrease behavior.Punishment II