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  1. The first four needs on Maslow's hierarchy are called ______________ needs because you are always trying to get rid of them, you need to satisfy these to learn.
  2. Constructivism can be looked at in two different ways...
  3. Use different, distinctive ______ to increase memory.
  4. Elements of Cooperative Learning: ____________ leadership was developed by Johnson and Johnson
  5. The fourth step of Synectics is...
  1. a Deficiency
  2. b cognitive (construction) (and) social (construction)
  3. c Identify Compressed Conflicts (Finding characteristics of the magic school bus that are opposite)
  4. d Shared (each person is responsible for a different part)
  5. e cues

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  1. increases/decreases
  2. meaning
  3. Continuous
  4. Attention Recognition, (and) memory
  5. Classroom Management

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  1. Withholding reinforcement or attention (ignoring bad behavior) eventually the bad behavior will go away.Extinction


  2. The idea that meaningful learning occurs when people come up with their own solutions.Direct Instruction


  3. This person created the theory of concept formation as part of the Cognitive Learning Theory Inductive model.Behaviorism (learning theory)


  4. These people in Educational Psychology created families of instruction for example, Behavioral (direct-instruction, computer based instruction) and Cognitive (Memory Models) and Inductive Models.Joyce (and) Weil


  5. removing something POSITIVE in order to decrease behavior.Negative Reinforcement