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  1. Removing something NEGATIVE to increase behavior.
  2. In this kind of instruction, the teacher explains explicitly what they are going to learn, hooks them into the lesson and follows a step by step presentation teacher withdraws for practice and culminates in individual practice.
  3. Schedules of Reinforcement; determine a fixed number of responses they will get a prize.
  4. The third step of Synectics is...
  5. This technique of elaborative rehersal is a mnemonic device trying to use associative rhyming words
  1. a pegword
  2. b Direct Instruction
  3. c Fixed Ratio
  4. d Describe Personal Analogies (when we took the specific vehicle of the Magic School Bus and thought of how it would be to be the magic school bus)
  5. e Negative Reinforcement

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  1. LOCI
  2. Identify Compressed Conflicts (Finding characteristics of the magic school bus that are opposite)
  3. Joyce (and) Weil
  4. functional behavior assessment
  5. chunking

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  1. Humanistic Learning theory has two parts...Self-concept (and) personal growth


  2. Reinforcement _____________ positive behavior, punishment _____________ negative behavior.increases/decreases


  3. Cognitive Learning Theory has to do with the Information ________________ Model or how we ________ in, ____________ and _________ information.emotional


  4. Techniques for Elaborative Rehearsal; this technique is where you use rhymes, acrostics, acronyms, pegwords, locimiscellaneous


  5. The fifth step of the inquiry process is...Teacher Confirmation (and) Explanation


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