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The ___ movement of Haydn's Surprise Symphony is in theme-and-variations form.


Each successive variation in a theme with variations

retains some elements of the theme.

Theme-and-variations form may be schematically outlined as


As is typical in classical music, the double bass part in Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik

sounds an octave lower than the cello part.

The scherzo differs from the minuet in that it

moves more quickly.

The character of the minuet is best described as

stately & dignified.

The minuet first appeared around 1650 as a

dance at the court of Louis XIV of France.

In many of Beethoven's works, there is a ___ movement instead of the minuet.


The minuet as a whole may be outlined as


The minuet is generally the ___ movement of a classical symphony.


Because of its character, the rondo most often serves as a


A common rondo pattern is


The main theme of the rondo

is usually in the tonic key.

Another common rondo pattern is


The rondo was used

as late as the twentieth century.

A symphony is unified partly by the use of the same

key in three of its movements.

ABA form is typical of the minuet or scherzo movement and is also common in the

slow/second movement.

The first movement of a classical symphony is almost always fast, and in ___ form.


The usual order of movements in a classical symphony is

fast, slow, dance-related, fast.

Symphony may be defined as an

extended, ambitious composition exploiting the expanded range of tone color and dynamics.

The first movement of a classical concerto

has two expositions.

A pause in the score of a concerto is indicated by a


The favored solo instrument in the classical concerto was the


The symphonic movement usually lacking in the concerto is the

minuet or scherzo.

An unaccompanied showpiece for the concerto's soloist is known as a


A classical concerto is a three-movement work for

instrumental soloist & orchestra.

Classical chamber music is designed

for the intimate setting of a small room.

The classical string quartet is a musical composition for

2 violins, viola, & cello.

The most important form in classical chamber music is the

string quartet.

The piano trio is a musical composition for

violin, cello, piano.

The usual order of movements in a classical string quartet is

fast, slow, minuet or scherzo, fast.

A major factor that distinguishes chamber music from the symphony or concerto is that chamber music

is performed by one player per part.

Haydn's Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major is performed today by the

valve trumpet.

List the characteristics of Hadyn's music.

the music is robust and direct, radiating a healthy optimism, the music reflects a love of nature, & many works have a folk flavor, due to the influence of peasant tunes.

Haydn's duties while in the service of the Esterházys included

composing all the music, coaching the singers for operatic performances, & conducting the orchestra.

Along with his symphonies, Haydn's ___ are considered his most important works.

string quartets.

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