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Intro to Mortuary Pathology Digestive System Disease Matt Kendall

Cancer of this organ is the leading cause of death by cancer in the United States:


Formation of gall stones:


Generalized edema caused by insufficient albumin synthesis:


Piles can be caused by:

Lack of dietary fiber

Inflammation of the gums:


The technical term for heartburn:


Peptic ulcers have been linked with infections by this bacteria:

H. pylori

Inflammation of the gullet:


Idiopathic inflammation of the ileum, commonly found in young women:

Crohn's Disease

Carcinoma of the stomach has been linked to:

1) H. pylori bacteria
2) Consumption of cured foods

Appendicitis would be caused by:


Downward displacement of an organ or body part would be termed:


Inflammation of sac-like herniations from the intestinal walls:


Type of hepatitis that is transmitted via contaminated food:

Infectious Hepatitis (type A)

Parenchymatous degeneration of the liver due to chronic alcoholism:


Choleangitis is inflammation of the:

Bile duct

Pyloric stenosis can lead to:

Projectile vomiting

Malabsorption Syndrome is an inability of the small intestines to absorb:


Type of obstruction that is the result of a decrease in peristaltic action:


The following are post-mortem conditions caused by digestive system diseases:

1) Purge
2) Rapid blood coagulation

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