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any material that cannot be broken down into simpler substances


Elements share common properties. an element that is shiny and conducts heat and electricity well


the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element


The center of an Atom


positively charged particle of an atom

Atomic number

the number of protons in an atom


particle with no charge


particle with a negative charge

Atomic mass

total mass of the protons and neutrons in an atom, measured in atomic mass units


a combination of two or more atoms

Periodic table

an arrangement of elements in which the elements are separated into groups based on a set of repeating properties


elements with properties that fall between those of metals and nonmetals


Elements that are dell, poor conductors and brittle

Properties of elements

State of matter at room temp, metals, NonmetalsElements or metallics, the way they combine with other metals

Most elements are this at room temp


Chemically reactive

More likely to combine with other elements to form a new substance

Chemical formula

A way of describing molecules using letters and numbers


Carbon dioxide

Top row of periodic table


Bottom row of elements


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