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  1. Emancipation Proclamation
  2. martial law
  3. draft
  4. Battle of Shiloh
  5. Gettysburge Address
  1. a Union beat back the Confederate army and won. Considered one of the bloodiest encounters of the war.
  2. b The most famous speech Lincoln ever gave at the memorial to the Battle of Gettysburge in 1863.
  3. c Lincoln's 1863 declaration freeing slaves in the Confederacy.
  4. d Law passed in 1863. All able bodied males between ages 20 to 45 are rquired serve in the military if they are called.
  5. e Rule by the army instead of the elected government.

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  1. No clear winner, but the Union claimed victory. Northern morale increased. Considered to be the bloodiest one-day battle in U.S history.
  2. The Union's ironclad ship
  3. The right not to be held in prison without first being charged with a specific crime.
  4. Showed both the Union and Confederacy that their soldiers needed training and that the war would be long.
  5. A tax on people's earnings.

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  1. Pickett's ChargeVirginia town that was the site of the Confederate surrender in 1865.


  2. Fort WagnerAll-out war that affects civilians at home as well as soldiers in combat.


  3. The VirginiaUnion war ship which used to be named the USS Merrimack. First ironclad ship in the Confederacy.


  4. border statesKentucky, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware


  5. 54th Massachusetts RegimentOne of the most famous African American units in the Union.