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Educ 1301 Test 2!

Lonestar College
is concerned with identifying the basic truths about being, knowledge and conduct
Educational Philosophy
Consists of what you believe about education-the set of principles that guide your professional action
is concerned with explaining, as rationally and comprehensively as possible, the nature of reality
concerned with the nature of knowledge and what it means to know something
highlights the fact that the teacher has an interest not only in the quantity of knowledge that students acquire but also in the quality of life that becomes possible because of this knowledge
a branch of axiology that is concerned with values related to beauty and art
is the area of philosophy that deals with the process of reasoning and identifies rules that will enable the thinker to reach valid conclusions
Socratic Questioning
a discussion that is characterised by
-leader only asks questions
-is systematic (not free for all)
-questions are direct