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Nathaniel Hawthorne


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Nathaniel Hawthorne preferred themes...
drawn more from a Puritan preoccupation with guilt and the natural depravity of humans.
The ______, _______ ________, and _______ of ______ found in his writing have provided a model for generations of American writers.
symbolism, psychological insight, clarity of expression
The symbolism, psychological insight, and clarity of expression found in his writing have provided...
a model for generations of American writers.
When and Where was he born?
Born on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts
What did his family consist of
Family consisted of early Puritan settlers in America who had lived in Salem since the 1600s.
What was special about his ancestors?
One of his ancestors may have been a judge in the Salem witchcraft trials.
What was Hawthorne's dad, and when did he die?
Hawthorne's father was a ship's captain and dies when Nathaniel was only 4.
Where did he attend college?
Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME
Who did he befriend in college?
He befriended Franklin Pierce, who later became president of the United States.
When did Hawthorne start writing a lot?
What/ when was hawthorne's first published novel?
He first published an amateurish novel, Fanshawe, anonymously at his own expense in 1828.
Some of his stories sold to magazines were published as _____________________ in _________.
"Twice Told Tales" in 1837.
Where did Hawthorn work at from 1839-1840?
Boston Customhouse
Hawthorne worked at the Boston Customhouse in what years?
Where did he work after he stopped working at Boston Customhouse?
He spent a few months at Brook, a cooperative agricultural community in West Roxbury, Mass.
The Brook Farm experience was later described in ___________.
The Blithedale Romance 1852
What was described in the Blithedale Romance?
the Brook Farm experience
What is Hawthorne's best know work? And when was it published?
The Scarlett Letter which was published in 1850.
What did he write in 1851?
The House of Seven Gables
When was The House of Seven Gables written?
Who did he marry and in what year?
Hawthorne married Sophia Peabody in 1842.
Where did they live?
They lived in Old Manse in Concord.
What describes their happy life in Concord?
Mosses from an Old Manse, published in 1846
After a short stay in ____________, the Hawthornes returned to _________, where they purchased a house they named _________.
West Newton, Mass.
When did Franklin Pierce become president?
What happened in 1853?
Franklin Pierce became president
What did Pierce offer Hawthorne?
a consulship in Liverpool, England, a post Hawthorne held until 1857.
Around 1860....
Hawthorne returned home and began to write little due to aging rapidly.
When did Hawthorn return home?
Around 1860
When and Where did he die?
On May 19, 1864, he died in Plymouth, New Hampshire.