Breifings for Security Forces


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Post Briefing
Briefing used to inform the Inspecting individual(s) about the area in question and what the sentinel is armed with.
Post Briefing (Main Body)
Sir/Ma'am, Amn/Sgt____________ reports (Post Name) is secure. Do you request a post brief?
My primary responsible are to provide immediate armed response to Covered Wagons, Security Incidents, and Alarm Situations. My additional responsibilities, in priority order, include response as a back-up ART, penetrated site security, shadowing convoys, providing escorted entry to LFs and MAFs, and conducting LF checks. My pot limits consist of the confines of the______ Flight area. My sister area is _______ Flight area.
M4 Carbine Rifle
A Rifle with 210 rounds of 5.56 NATO with 4:1 ball to tracer ratio.
Effective Range: 3600m
Point Range: 600m
Area Range: 500m
Vehicle/Ground Safety
*Ensure you sign AF Form 1800
*Ensure you check all fluid levels
*Make sure you have a spotter when backing a vehicle, if a spotter is not available conduct a 360 walk-around prior to backing up the vehicle
* Ensure all lights are clear, visible and free of obstruction and operational
*Watch out for ice, potholes, deep mud and other road hazards that may damage the vehicles or send you off the road
*Ensure you have all cold weather/wet weather gear with you at all times
*Ensure you follow the posted speed limits (25mph on gravel roads), (55mph for Humvee paved) and for all other vehicles.
Weapon Safety Briefing
*Governed by AFI 31-117
* Dont joke or jester with your weapons
* Don't point at anything you dont intend to shoot, ma'am, kill or destroy
* Know what's behind your target
* Keep finger off trigger and safety on until ready to shoot
*Treat all weapons as if they were loaded
* Know and use all safety devices on weapon
* Be cautious when loading and your weapon when on post
*Don't clean your weapon while on post
* Proceed directly to the clearing barrel
Making sure you have a competent clearing barrel official, who will have no other duties/task other than clearing weapons
My name is A1C Clark and I will be giving you your PRP Briefing today. The purpose of PrP is to ensure that personnel performing duties with nuclear weapons and weapon systems shows the highest level of reliablility.. Prp is covered under *DOD 5210.42R and AFMAN 13-501
Critical has knowledge and access
Controlled has access but know knowledge
Administrative (losing commander sends info to the gaining commander)
Initial ( Gaining commander receives and verifies the personnel's info for duties)
Suspension 30 day increments
Permanent ( brought back up by commander that decertified the individual/personnel
Nuclear Surety Briefing
Used to Prevent nuclear weapons involved in accidents, incidents, or jettisoned weapons from producing a nuclear yield met through designing specifications
Ensure adequate security pursuant to DOD 5210.41. Met through Security Forces and associated weapon storage areas.
Prevent the deliberate pre-arming, arming, launching or releasing of nuclear weapons except upon emergency war orders or competent authority. Met through No-lone zones, Two person concept and separation of controls
Prevent the inadvertent pre-arming, launching or releasing of nuclear weapons in all normal and credible abnormal environments. Met though Seals, Codes, and Checklists.
Preconditions to Use of Deadly Force
Inherent right of Self Defense
Defense of others
Assets vital to national security
Inherent dangerous property
National Critical infrastructure
Serious offenses against persons
Arrest/and or Apprehension