14 terms

RU-Gente 2nd-Capitulo 15-Otras expresiones útiles

Very useful for conversation (phrases)
concertar una cita
to make an appointment/to make a date
dar una excusa
to make an excuse
echar un vistazo a
to take a quick look
hacer una reservación
to make a reservation
ir de copas
to go out for a drink
ir de marcha/ir de juerga
to go out and have fun
sacar entradas
to buy tickets
salir a cenar
to go out for dinner
ser aficionado/a
to be a regular of/to enjoy regularly
ser un rollo
to be very boring
tener lugar
to take place
tomar unas copas
to have a few drinks
divertirse/pasarlo bien
to have fun
hace buen tiempo
the weather is nice