Economic Geography

What manufacturing region in North America produces electronics and processed foods, and is often called "Silicon Valley"?
San Francisco Bay
What manufacturing region of North America is known for its oil and gas fields and oil refineries?
Gulf Coast, from southeastern Texas to Alabama
What manufacturing region of North America is known for producing textiles?
Southeastern, from Virginia through Alabama
What manufacturing region in North America is known for its aircraft and aerospace industries?
Los Angeles and San Diego
In what manufacturing region in North America is Boeing Aircraft the largest employer? This same region also produces lumber and paper.
Pacific Northwest
Which manufacturing region in Europe is home to production of high-value automobiles along with textiles and food processing?
Po River Valley (northern Italy)
The largest European manufacturing region is located in
Belgium Netherlands, Northwestern Germany, Northeastern France.
Which manufacturing region in Europe is linked to the Black Sea via the Volga River?
Moscow region in Russia
Which district in the North American Manufacturing Belt has a number of its cities located along the Erie Canal?
the central New York and Mohawk River valley
Which district in the North American Manufacturing Belt is in the oldest steel producing region?
Which district in the North American Manufacturing Belt is also a center for global corporations?
Middle Atlantic, including metropolitan New York
Which district in the North American Manufacturing Belt has a convergence of railroad and highway transportation routes that make it readily accessible to the rest of the country?
Western Great Lakes, running from Detroit to Chicago
The oldest district in the North American Manufacturing Belt is
southern New England, especially Boston.
Detroit's comparative advantage in terms of automobile production included all of the following EXCEPT
it was Henry Ford's hometown.
Characteristics of the steel industry include all of the following EXCEPT
it is highly labor intensive.
Several factors underlie the decline in manufacturing in the developed world. These include all of the following EXCEPT
industrial firms reinvested their net revenues on research and development to remain competitive.
Which of the following is NOT a manufacturing region of Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia?
Donetsk River Valley
The major industrial regions of East Asia include all of the following EXCEPT
All of the following resources are present in biotechnology centers in the U.S., EXCEPT
low-wage labor
All of the following have helped to make Japan one of the world's most successful economies, EXCEPT
plentiful natural resources
Andrew Carnegie's U.S. Steel Company produced ________ of U.S. steel output in 1900?
Italy has 2 major manufacturing regions. Which pairing of location and major products is correct?
Po River Valley - mineral mining and production
Which statement best characterizes the West Coast manufacturing district?
It is one of the world's most important industrial regions.
What country dominated the field of semiconductor manufacture from its beginnings in the 1960s; and what country has dominated since the 1990s?
U.S. then Japan
The Industrial Revolution began in which country?
United Kingdom
What was the hallmark of Fordism?
standardized work and interchangeable parts
Major steel producing countries now include
all of the above
Where is the North American Manufacturing Belt located?
Northeastern U.S., and southeastern Canada
The Southeastern Manufacturing region of the U.S.
produces textiles as its main product.
Because the barriers to entry into the steel industry are high, the steel industry has generally been
Pittsburgh was once the heart of the U.S. steel industry. What percentage of U.S. steel is manufactured in Pittsburgh today?
What resource is critical to making basic research in biotechnology commercially viable?
venture capital
Hourly labor costs in clothing manufacture are lowest in which country?
What are the characteristics of textile manufacture?
labor intensive, with relatively little technological sophistication, small firms, and few economies of scale
Why is the automobile industry an oligopoly?
because it is capital intensive and has high start-up costs
What important natural resources are plentiful in Europe's major industrial region?
iron ore and coal
Which country has experienced persistent industrial decline?
Great Britain
As manufacturing jobs were lost in the advanced industrial countries at the end of the 20th Century, which countries saw an increase in manufacturing jobs (though at lower wages)?
newly industrializing countries
The North American Manufacturing Belt grew rapidly in the late 19th Century due to
All of the above
What are the three major nodes of automobile production around the world?
Japan, Europe, and the U.S.
The United Kingdom's dominance in the Industrial Revolution declined because
All of the above
Why has the steel industry been an ideal candidate for Weberian locational analysis?
because its transport costs have traditionally been high
What has been the most important aspect of the Post-Fordism production system?
Why are the Ural Mountains important to Russia's manufacturing centers?
They have the largest deposits of industrial minerals in Russia.
What is the source of the power supply used in the New York and Mohawk River Valley manufacturing area
Niagara Falls
Between 1974 and 2005, which region had the most rapid growth of manufacturing output?
East and SE Asia
What was Henry Ford's contribution to the automobile industry?
He introduced the assembly line and made cars affordable to the middle class.
Which area accounts for 80% of the world's manufacturing?
All of the above
Which industry is known for its exploitation of young, predominately female labor?
The earliest industry of the Industrial Revolution was
Which Russian manufacturing region contains Odessa, the principal Black Sea all-weather port?
Eastern Ukraine Region
The event that marks the birth of the modern electronics industry is the invention of the ________.
moving pictures in 1877
The North American Manufacturing Belt accounts for
All of the above
Until what year were the U.S. and Europe the leading producers of steel, accounting for 90% of output?
Which of the following statements is most accurate?
The world manufacture of consumer electronics is much more widely spread than that of the semiconductor industry