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18 terms

Hollywood Musicals

Midterm for Hollywood Musicals
Lubich Touch
insinuations, comedic device
musicians are on screen
invisible musicians
audio dissolve
song works its way in
video dissolve
one scene to another
character dissolve
character transforms into another
using styles of earlier periods
biographical picture
takes the same pattern of notes then movies it to a different key to make up a tune or song
spaces or keys in between notes affect the emotion of a song
list song
primarily made up of a list of things that are funny and rhyme
long joke songs
punch line comes at the end of the verse
short joke songs
each line is funny/a joke
torch song
a song about one person being in love with someone they can't have
two movies by Rouben Mamoulian
Love Me Tonight
Gene Kelly acted and directed in...
Singin in the Rain
the two couples in Gigi
Gigi and Gaston. Honore and Madame.
the two couples in Swing Time
Lucky and Penny. Pop and Mabel.