The Naturalization Process

Naturalization Process?
- The process of becoming a citizen
- Must have lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years
3 Steps to the Naturalization Process?
- Application
- Examination
- Final Hearing
- Form N-400
- Applicant must submit an application to U.S. citizenship
- $680 to apply
- Must pass oral exam by answering 6 out of 10 questions correctly
- Passing will prove: loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, ability to read, write, and speak English, knowledge of U.S. History and our democratic form of government
Final Hearing?
- Applicant appears before a citizenship court and gets interviewed
- Takes an oath of loyalty (Naturalization Oath of Allegiance)
- Granted certificate of citizenship
Duties of a Citizen?
- Obeying the laws
- Defending the nation
- Serving on a jury or as a witness in court
- Paying taxes
- Attending school
Responsibilities of a Citizen?
- Working toward the common good
- Voting
- Holding government office
- Participating in election campaigns
- Influencing government