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Hitler's 5 Steps To War

What happened in the invasion of the Rhineland, March 1936?
Hitler marched his troops into the demilitarized rhineland zone, his armies were not prepared for war and were told to retreat if the French showed any resistance.
How did britain and france react to the re-occupation of the rhineland?
Britain and france didn't react. France because they were fearful of war. Britain because they felt that germany were marching into their own back garden. The german troops were welcomed by cheering crowds. Britain also felt that germany had been treated harshly in the versailles treaty.
What was the rome-berlin axis?
An informal agreement between Germany and Italy and was signed in Oct 1936.
What was the anschluss? And why did hitler want it to happen?
The union of Germany and austria in march 1938. why? Because austria is a german speaking country and was hitlers birthplace. The union would create a large powerful mass of german land in central europe.
What were the main events that led to the anschluss?
In feb, Hitler met with austrias chancellor to discuss the two countries future relationship. Hitler threatened the chancellor and demanded that a Nazi was given a government post. The chancellor organized a plebicite to vote for the future of austria. When hitler found out he was furious and demanded it was posponed and that the chancellor resigned otherwise he would invade. March 11th germans took over the government and invaded the next day. The Germans were welcomed by crowds.
What were the sequence of events that led to the takeover of the sudetenland?
In Sept 1938 Chamberlain met with Hitler to discuss the crisis ( It looked as if Hitler was planning on invading) , Hitler made it clear that he wanted the transfer of the sudetenland. Chamberlain agreed under certain conditions. A week later hitler and Chaimberlain met again, Hitler had increased his demands. Britain was on the brink of war. Mussolini proposed a for part conference on the 29th sep in munich. At this conference it was agreed that the sudetenland was handed over and that Hungary and Poland could also gain some territory.
When was the nazi- soviet pact?
1939. Between germany and russia. The act secretly decided the split of poland between the two countries.
nazi soviet pact
nonaggression treaty between russia and germany allowing germany to fight a one front war until germany violatet treaty by invading russia