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brain drain

the ejected people leave their country to stay in one that is better then the one they onced lived in.

chain migration

the places that people go to get closer to the location they are trying to get to

counter urbanization

moving out of a city


immagrants leaving a place

forced migration

people are forced out of a place

guest workers

worker that go to a place to temparaly do a job


immagrants are coming to a place

internal migration

moving to a new place but not that far


the movement of people from one place to another


the movement of people

net migration


pull factor

the factors that pull you to a new place

push factor

the factor that is pushing you to leave a place


the government puts a max. number of people there can be in a country


people who flee from a horrific event

undocumented immigrants

illegal aliens. did not go through the process of moving to a new country

voluntary migration

volunter to move to a new place because they choose to.

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