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Axis - Superior View

This set will help you master the bony landmarks of the second cervical vertebra (C2), the axis

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Odontoid process
A tooth-like process (dens) of the axis (C2) that projects superiorly through the anterior vertebral foramen of the atlas, creating a pivot on which the atlas and skull rotate.
Superior articular process
One of two projections of the axis (C2) that articulates with the inferior articular facets of the atlas (C1), allowing the head to rotate from side to side.
Transverse foramen
An opening in the transverse process of each cervical vertebra which allows passage of the vertebral arteries and their associated veins and nerves.
Transverse process
A prominent projection that extends laterally on each side of the axis and is a point of attachment for muscles that move the neck and head.
Vertebral foramen
An opening created by the anterior and posterior arches that surrounds the spinal cord.
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