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  1. What Photoshop tool allows you to select an area of any size or shape by drawing freehand?
  2. What kind of lighting pattern is useful to widen a subject?
  3. What kind of light will be produced when using a large white umbrella close to a subject?
  4. What image adjustment tool uses a histogram display to alter an image?
  5. As the aperture is stopped down, what happens to sharpness?
  1. a Lasso tool
  2. b Levels adjustment
  3. c Broad lighting
  4. d More of the background and foreground are sharp.
  5. e flat, low contrast light

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  1. Through the Lens. A camera that can automatically control flash exposure using sensors inside the camera.
  2. Close-ups that are life-size or larger. Images through microscopes are "photomicrographs."
  3. 5,000 Kelvin
  4. four times more
  5. emphasizes textures

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  1. A ring of thin, overlapping leaves located inside the lens is called what?The diaphragm - the mechanism that controls aperture.


  2. This type of backup system is fault-tolerant because it creates redundant dataRAID system


  3. What are the effects of high side lighting?With the Main at 45 degrees to one side and 45 degrees above subject, it is a classic angle for portraits. It seems natural and flattering and models the face into 3D form.


  4. Most lenses are sharpest closed down to how many stops from the widest?1 or 2


  5. What color is between Magenta and Cyan on the color wheel?Flattens out the volume of the subject and minimizes textures