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  1. What is the name of the issue that prevents you from seeing exactly what the lens sees when using a rangefinder camera at close distances?
  2. What is the Rule of Two?
  3. The area of acceptable sharpness in an image is called what?
  4. The histogram of a properly exposed grey card will show a vertical bar where on the histogram?
  1. a Parallax
  2. b Whenever you have two of something (i.e Body parts) put them on slightly different levels
  3. c Depth of field
  4. d In the middle

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  1. Add red
  2. Add cyan
  3. Convex
  4. High Dynamic Range
  5. It emphasizes the edges between tones. A threshold of zero affects all pixels - a higher threshold affects just the edges with high tonal difference and minimizes noise.

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  1. What is the suggested shutter speed to stop action of a child running parallel to the film plan, about 25 feet from the camera?Dynamic range


  2. The term to describe the combination of aperture and shutter speed that can be changed by moving them in opposite directionsstopped down


  3. Panning does what?Keeps a moving subject sharp while blurring the background


  4. This kind of lens has a variable focal lengthZoom lens


  5. When the subtractive primaries are added together equally, what is created?White (additive primaries are Red, Green Blue)