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Zoo Animals & Pets (Simplified Chinese)

In this set, you will learn animal vocabulary as well as how the Chinese characters for those animals used to look like in ancient China.

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The character is a pictograph of a rat/mouse. Imagine a rat wearing a nice top and a pair of trousers with a four-dotted pattern. The character means "rat" or "mouse."
The character originally depicted an ox head with massive horns. Over time, the horns shrunk and the character now describes all cows. The character means "cow" or "ox."
The character is a "tiger" pictograph and means "tiger." The pronunciation sounds like a tiger's growl! As an adjective, the character means "brave" or "fierce."
The character means "rabbit." In Chinese culture, rabbits represent graciousness, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, tenderness, and elegance.
In oracle bone script, the character depicted a snake. Today, the character for "snake" is made up of 虫 (bug) and 它. 它 originally meant snake but today means "it."
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