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  1. If an image is too blue, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?
  2. Generally, how much exposure compensation (in stops) should be used when using a polarizing filter?
  3. What kind of meter is built in to most cameras?
  4. A color image with smooth gradations requires at least what bit depth?
  5. What is the term used to describe data contained in a digital image?
  1. a 1-1/2 to 2 stops
  2. b Metadata
  3. c Add yellow
  4. d Reflected light meter
  5. e 24 bits per pixel (8 per color), which gives 16,777,216 colors

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  1. Through the Lens. A camera that can automatically control flash exposure using sensors inside the camera.
  2. 1920 pixels by 2400 pixels (4.6 million pixels)
  3. Metadata fields that hold info on photographer, subject, and usage.
  4. RAID system
  5. 1) Magnification, or the size of the subject; 2) Angle of view

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  1. The useable exposure range of a sensor, or the range of subject brightness is called what?dynamic range (not to be confused with gamut)


  2. 8 bits per pixel gives you how many colors?256


  3. What do the bars on the left of a histogram represent?Black (0)


  4. According to the Inverse Square Law, at a distance of 10 feet from a flash, the area illuminated receives how much more/less light than the area illuminated at 20 feet from the flash?four times more


  5. What kind of lighting pattern places the key light directly in front of and higher than the face?Butterfly lighting


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