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  1. What are IPTC fields used for?
  2. What determines what will be a 'normal' focal length lens on a particular camera?
  3. What is focal length, technically?
  4. This technique allows you to keep a subject that is moving toward you well focused
  5. If an image is too yellow, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?
  1. a Add blue
  2. b Sensor size - the larger the sensor size, the longer the focal length of a normal lens. (Corresponds to a diagonal line across the frame)
  3. c Metadata fields that hold info on photographer, subject, and usage.
  4. d Follow focus
  5. e The distance between the lens rear nodal point and the focal plane when the lens is focused at infinity.

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  1. The amount of information contained in each pixel
  2. Inkjet black & white printing where color cartridges are replaced with shades of gray, resulting in smooth tones and slight color cast
  3. Small light source at an angle brushing across the subject
  4. In the middle
  5. Blown highlights

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  1. The relative aperture is equal to the lens focal length divided by what?Aperture


  2. What kind of light will be produced when using a large white umbrella close to a subject?Butterfly lighting


  3. This kind of meter is preferred by photographers working in a studio situation where lighting conditions can be alteredIncident light meter


  4. What is dodging?Also called a gobo; it is a small panel usually mounted on a stand that shades some part of the subject or shields the lens from light that could cause flare


  5. What is the inverse square law?The size of the opening in the lens which controls the amount of light reaching the sensor.