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  1. To emphasize texture in a portrait, what kind of light source is recommended?
  2. When adjusting an image with levels, if you want to make any color neutral quickly, what would you do?
  3. What does ISO stand for?
  4. What two camera controls adjust the amount of light that reaches the sensor?
  5. A lens with a very wide angle of view and produces extreme barrel distortion is what kind of lens?
  1. a Small light source at an angle brushing across the subject
  2. b Fisheye
  3. c Aperture and shutter
  4. d Click with the neutral-point dropper on the selected color
  5. e International Standards Organization

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  1. To strike the side of the face away from the camera.
  2. 1920 pixels by 2400 pixels (4.6 million pixels)
  3. Follow focus
  4. A high contrast image
  5. To create a 1-stop difference, multiply the original distance by 1.4. Example - if you were originally 5 feet away, a 1-stop difference would have you step back to 7 feet.

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  1. Printers use how many bits per channel of information when printing?8 bits


  2. The rule of thirds necessitates that the composition be divided into a grid of now many equal rectangles or squares?9


  3. What is focal length, technically?A mathematical translator assigned to each piece of equipment you use (they map one gamut to another; and the ICC (or International Color Consortium) profile is usually shipped by the equipment manufacturer).


  4. The quantity of light that reaches your sensor is controlled by what?Aperture


  5. If an image is too yellow, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?Add yellow