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  1. Quick mask
  2. Perspective is affected by what?
  3. pincushion distortion
  4. sharpening
  5. What color is opposite Green on the color wheel?
  1. a Magenta
  2. b Q
  3. c Increasing the apparent sharpness of an image by boosting the contrast between adjacent pixels that form an edge.
  4. d A type of lens distortion in which lines at the top and side edges of an image are bent inward, producing an effect that looks like a pincushion.
  5. e lens-to-subject distance

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  1. The sensor's sensitivity to light
  2. Depth of field
  3. An image defect, often seen as green or purple fringing around the edges of an object, caused by a lens failing to focus all colors of a light source at the same point.
  4. 3200 Kelvin
  5. Show/hide left panels

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  1. What does side lighting emphasize on a subject or surface?emphasizes textures


  2. diffuse lightingSoft, low-contrast lighting


  3. Increase brush size by 20-pixel incrementsShift-]


  4. RAWLoop


  5. exposure compressionA term applied to the fuzzy discs produced when a point of light is out of focus. The circle of confusion is not a fixed size. The viewing distance and amount of enlargement of the image determine whether we see a particular spot on the image as a point or as a disc.