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  1. To minimize facial wrinkles, this type of lighting is best
  2. high contrast
  3. Focal length controls what?
  4. highlights
  5. focus tracking
  1. a The ability of the automatic focus feature of a camera to change focus as the distance between the subject and the camera changes. One type of focus tracking is predictive, in which the mechanism anticipates the motion of the object being focused on, and adjusts the focus to suit.
  2. b The brightest parts of an image containing detail.
  3. c A wide range of density in a print, negative, or other image
  4. d Diffused front lighting
  5. e 1) Magnification, or the size of the subject; 2) Angle of view

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  1. Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta
  2. 3200 Kelvin
  3. Add yellow
  4. Edit keywords
  5. A type of noise in an image, or an unintentional image component produced in error by a digital camera during processing, usually caused by the JPEG compression process in digital cameras.

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  1. What is TTL?Through the Lens. A camera that can automatically control flash exposure using sensors inside the camera.


  2. exposure compressionExposure compression, which uses exposure value (EV) settings, is a way of adding or decreasing exposure without the need to reference f/stops or shutter speeds. For example, either by using a larger f/stop or slower shutter speed, or both. The camera offers both conventional exposure compensation and flash exposure compensation.


  3. What is a derivative file?A RAW file that has been altered


  4. zDeselect active photo


  5. F7Show/hide left panels