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  1. Up Arrow
  2. Panning does what?
  3. To emphasize texture in a portrait, what kind of light source is recommended?
  4. Maximum depth of field at a given aperture is achieved by focusing at what?
  5. Command + E
  1. a Small light source at an angle brushing across the subject
  2. b Keeps a moving subject sharp while blurring the background
  3. c Hyperfocal distance. A lens focused at the hyperfocal distance has depth of field extending from approximately half the hyperfocal distance to infinity, whereas a lens focused at infinity has a depth of field only at infinity.
  4. d Make next photos select and candidate in Compare view
  5. e Edit in Photoshop

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  1. All colors
  2. 24 bits per pixel (8 per color), which gives 16,777,216 colors
  3. Illumination that comes from the direction of the camera.
  4. Edit keywords
  5. The smallest unit of information consisting of either a 1 or a zero. It can only represent two possibilities - either yes or no, black or white.

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  1. Option-click a panelRemove selected photo(s) from catalog


  2. diaphragmAn adjustable component, similar to the iris in the human eye, that can open and close to provide specific-sized lens opening, or f/stops and thus control the amount of light reaching the sensor or film.


  3. DeselectCommand-D


  4. CMYK color modelA piece of cardboard or other material with a standardized 18% reflectance. Gray cards can be used as a reference for determining correct exposure or for setting white balance.


  5. F6Rename photo (in Library module)