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  1. Does the autoimmune adrenalitis affect the adrenal medulla?
  2. Hyperprolactinemia treatment
  3. LFTs
  4. what is the space between the parietal and visceral pleura
  5. The FIVE CHD RISK factors
  1. a a potential space with a thin layer of viscous fluid
  2. b Smoking, HTN, Low HDL, FamHx premature CHD in male <55 or female <65; Age: Male >45, Female >55
  3. c What do you monitor closely with pts taking INH and rifampin?
  4. d Bromocriptine [Parlodel- a DA agonist] or Cabergoline [Dostinex- an ergot derivative used to Tx Parkinson's, associated with gambling compulsion]
  5. e No

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  1. mech/chem irritate -> nasalRs -> V (olfactory) -> sneeze
  2. norm PaCO2 range (< = resp alkalosis, > = resp acidosis)
  4. towards bound
  5. liver model: around sinusoids, supply O2 bl to hepatocytes, main midel

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  1. GH (growth hormone)hormone: stim by GHRH, inhib by SS (both from somatotrophs of HypThal), JAK2 -> STAT -> Tyr Kinase, involves inc IGFs (somatomedins) -> inc mm AA uptake, lipolysis, [Glc]bl


  2. cTn limitationsElevated in CHF, Aortic Dissection;
    Hypotension, Arrhythmias, Rhabdo, Myocarditis (CHAD HARM)


  3. Thymulinventricular myocyte Ap phase: rapid depol due to iNa


  4. Possible causes of decreased CortisolTransudate


  5. What blood enzymes remain elevated 1-2 wks after acute MI?Troponins