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  1. Progesterone and estrogens in adrenal gland
  2. Systemic effects of increased aldosterone secretion
  3. alpha cells secrete
  4. Blood glucose concentration with excess insulin
  5. Thymosin
  1. a Produced by the thymus gland during childhood, this hormone stimulates T-lymphocyte development and differentiation.
  2. b 20-30mg/100mL
  3. c secreted in minute amounts
  4. d glucagon
  5. e Hypertension and edema

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  1. This hormone ensures a sufficient supply of protein, glucose, and minerals are available to the fetus.
  2. urine
  3. Upper posterior portion of abdominal cavity
    Lies horizontally behind stomach
    Extends from duodenum to spleen
  4. stimulates production of platelets
  5. prohormone produced by the liver then converted by renin to angiotensin I, then that is converted by ACE to angiotensin II which is a vasoconstrictor

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  1. Adrenocorticotropic HormoneACTH


  2. Prolactintargets the mammary glands stimulating them to produce breastmilk


  3. What are the true gonadotrophins?bind to and carry hormones; required for steroids and thyroid hormones to travel in the blood


  4. Tyrosine DerivativesThyroid hormones and catecholamines


  5. Thyrotropin Releasing Hormonethis hormone stimulates the anterior pituitary to secrete FSH and LH