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  1. amino acid
  2. Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
  3. What are the two types of cells in the adenohypophysis?
  4. Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone
  1. a Chromophobic- non secretory cells
    Chromophilic- secretory cells
  2. b Anterior Pituitary
  3. c inhibits the release of growth hormone by the anterior pituitary
  4. d basic building blocks of protein molecules

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  1. Reduce plasma [calcium]
    1) rapid decrease in activity of osteoclasts
    2) increase in osteoblast activity
    3) prevention of formation of new osteoclasts from progenitor cells
  2. GI Tract (Gastrointestinal Tract)
  3. BN: Avandia

    Class: Thiazolidinedione
  4. targets: ovaries and testes
  5. trigger release of prostaglandins - act on hypothalamus - raise temp

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  1. thermoregulationGRHL


  2. Adrenal MedullaHormone: epinephrine


  3. What are some examples of local hormones?epinephrine (neurotransmitters)


  4. Where is calcitonin produced?adrenal medulla


  5. ACTHtarget: Adrenal Cortex