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  1. A technique used to maintain sharp focus on a subject that is moving toward you is called what?
  2. A lens set at f/4 admits how much more/less light than one set at f/2.8?
  3. What are the three main factors that affect depth of field?
  4. What angle of view does an incident meter read?
  5. This kind of lens has a variable focal length
  1. a Aperture, focal length, and distance to the subject
  2. b Zoom lens
  3. c Half as much light
  4. d Follow focus
  5. e Very wide at about 180 degrees

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  1. Aperture-Priority
  2. Flat lighting
  3. The diagonal measurement of the sensor.
  4. To set accurate color standards to any device that captures or displays color.
  5. Flattens out the volume of the subject and minimizes textures

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  1. Convex lenses cause light rays to do what?bend toward each other and converge at the focal point.


  2. The amount of motion blur in an image will increase if you do what?bend toward each other and converge at the focal point.


  3. When mixed in varying proportion, the subtractive primary colors produce what?emphasizes textures


  4. A magic wand tool is used for what?1) Magnification, or the size of the subject; 2) Angle of view


  5. In a digital image, the images file sizes corresponds to the total number of what in the image?Total number of pixels