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  1. Name 3 ways to make a tonal adjustment in Photoshop
  2. What kind of lighting pattern is useful to widen a subject?
  3. What is the name of the issue that prevents you from seeing exactly what the lens sees when using a rangefinder camera at close distances?
  4. This viewing option gives you the most accurate size version of your image in Photoshop
  5. What does the term "stop" mean?
  1. a A change in exposure of 1 EV, that is 1/2 or 2x the amount of light.
  2. b Parallax
  3. c Actual Pixel view
  4. d Broad lighting
  5. e Curves adjustment; Levels adjustment; Brighteness/Contrast adjustment

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  1. Half as much light
  2. In the middle
  3. Follow focus
  4. Intensity (aperture) x Time (shutter)
  5. Interpolated resolution can be generated by Photoshop or any image editing software to increase print size resolution.

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  1. Doubling the aperture setting creates how many stops difference in the amount of light reaching the sensor?Two (f/8 > f/11 > f/16)


  2. When the size of the aperture is decreased, it is said to be what?Direct sun at 5400 to 6,500 Kelvin


  3. A normal (or standard) focal length lens approximates what?The impression of human visual perspective


  4. Digital cameras use what set of primary colors?The difference between light and dark.


  5. To emphasize texture in a portrait, what kind of light source is recommended?Diffused front lighting