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2: Enzymes

This biochemistry set covers theories, types, descriptors, and influences of enzyme function

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Active Site
The catalytically active portion of an enzyme.
Allosteric Enzymes
Enzymes that experience changes in their conformation as a result of interactions at sites other than the active site called allosteric sites; conformational changes may increase or decrease enzyme activity.
Competitive Inhibition
A decrease in enzyme activity that results from the interaction of an inhibitor with the active site of an enzyme; competitive inhibition can be overcome by addition of excess substrate.
Feedback Inhibition
The inhibition of an enzyme by its product (or a product further down in a metabolic pathway); used to maintain homeostasis.
Induced Fit Model
The best-supported of the most prominent theories of enzyme specificity; states that the enzyme and substrate experience a change in conformation during binding to increase complementarity. Usually contrasted with the lock and key theory.
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