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  1. If an image is too magenta, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?
  2. Doubling the aperture setting creates how many stops difference in the amount of light reaching the sensor?
  3. What are the three main factors that affect depth of field?
  4. Why is depth of field greater on a short lens versus a long lens?
  5. How can you change the brightness of the background when using flash?
  1. a Aperture, focal length, and distance to the subject
  2. b Add green
  3. c Relative aperture. The opening on a long lens must be larger than a corresponding opening on a short lens to produce the same f-stops.
  4. d One stop
  5. e Change the shutter speed. The longer the shutter speed, the lighter the background will be. The faster the shutter speed, the darker the background will be because less existing light is captured.

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  1. Add blue
  2. One stop less
  3. No
  4. JPEG
  5. Additive (R, G, B)

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  1. What does ISO stand for?International Standards Organization


  2. This kind of lens has a variable focal lengthZoom lens


  3. A ring of thin, overlapping leaves located inside the lens is called what?The diaphragm - the mechanism that controls aperture.


  4. What is a flag?An 8-BIT sequence that represents 256 possibilities - black & white & 254 shades of grey. The size of a file is the number of bytes it contains.


  5. An SLR camera uses what to allow you to see exactly what you'll photograph?1 or 2, depending on the lens, could be 2 to 3.