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  1. Email Body
  2. Stakeholders
  3. FTK Imager can hash or image files that are in use by the operating system.
  4. Cash Cycle =
  5. Uneven Cash Flows (practice on calculator using cash flow CFj function and Nj function)
  1. a Operating Cycle - Accounts Payable Period
  2. b All the people who have an interest in the success of a new system.
  3. c ...
  4. d Contains message itself
  5. e True.

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  1. -Capital Budgeting
    -Capital Structure
    -Working Capital Management
  2. filters which information is allowed to enter and leave the organizations information system - only lets in traffic that is explicitly valid.
  3. The unauthorized copying of company data.
  4. Reviewing system documentation and interviewing appropriate personnel to determine if the necessary procedures are in place.
  5. Normal readable text

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  1. Check Digit VerificationVerifying that the check digit matches what it should.


  2. intrusion prevention systems (IPS)"System that drops packets that are part of an attack. Looks for signatures, patterns of attacks, normal traffic profiling, and packet standars to prevent unwanted packets from being routed to system. " Mainly uses deep packet filtering.


  3. Product Backlog ItemFunctional requirements, non-functional requirements, and issues, prioritized in order of importance to the business and dependencies and estimated. The precision of the estimate depends on the priority and granularity of the Product Backlog item, with the highest priority items that may be selected in the next Sprint being very granular and precise.


  4. When creating a file hash list in imager, what information is included in the resulting file?-MD5 hash
    -SHA1 hash
    -File names (Includes path)


  5. Name three fields shown for a windows user's account in the registry viewer properties pane when viewing the SAM file.-It is auto-generated from successfuly recovered passwords on the local computer.