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  1. deep packet inspection
  2. Systems Design
  3. Collusion
  4. Human Resource Management (HRM) System
  5. Service
  1. a Packets are opened inspected internally instead of only being examined by header. (central tool of IPS)
  2. b Fraud where two or more people override the preventive aspect of the internal control system.
  3. c The process of specifying in detail how the many components of the information system should be physically implemented.
  4. d Provide post-sale support to customers
  5. e A system that supports employee-related tasks such as payroll, benefits, hiring, and training.

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  1. Current Assets/Current Liabilities
  2. 1-Payout Ratio
  3. a rate used to equate future values to present values ex. $94.34 will be worth $100 in one year with discount rate of 6%
  4. "Taking control of someone else's phone to make calls or send text messages, or to monitor communications. "
  5. Skills in technical areas such as database design, programming, and telecommunications.

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  1. Posing"Creating a seemingly legitimate business, collecting personal information while making a sale, and never delivering a product."


  2. (ACL)access control listdetermines which packets are allowed entry and which packets are not


  3. Value Chain PartsSummaries of key values for a batch of input records.


  4. Name the four major sections of a PTRK attack profile.-Dictionaries
    -Rules (Levels)
    -Character Groups


  5. Name three attack types in PRTKDecryption, Keyspace, Password Reset.


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