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  1. certificate authority
  2. 2nd Month Interest =
  3. Logical Model
  4. Debt-Equity Ratio =
  5. Tools
  1. a (Original Principal - 1st Month Principal) x Monthly Interest Rate
  2. b the organization that issues the keys and record the public key in a digital certificate
  3. c Software products used to help develop analysis and design specifications and completed system components.
  4. d Total Debt/Total Equity
    (Note: You can manipulate the Debt-Equity formula and the A = L + E formula to solve for beginning equity.)
  5. e Any model that shows what the system is required to do without committing to any one technology.

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  1. "Receiving, storing, and distributing the materials an organization uses to create the products and services it sells."
  2. separate network that permits controlled access from the internet to selected resources.
  3. Total gibberish created by encryption
  4. ...
  5. Decryption, Keyspace, Password Reset.

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  1. Inventory Turnover =The process of turning normal text into unreadable gibberish called cyphertext using an encryption key and an encryption algorythmn


  2. Force of you on the Earth=Force of the Earth on you


  3. The DocumentThe document is the data that is to be presented to the consumer or in other words the content of the Internet


  4. TransitionThe movement of an object from one state to another state


  5. databaseA symbol used to denote a group of similar elements.