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  1. Cold Site
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Master Key
  4. master file
  5. No packet fragmentation
  1. a store cumulative information about an origination's resources and the agents whom it interacts - permament
  2. b "An empty building that is prewired for necessary telephone and internet access, plus a contract with one or more vendors to provide all necessary computer and other office equipment within a specified period of time."
  3. c "One to Rule to All" Basically it is a master key that can be used to decrypt anything that was encrypted by the system.
  4. d A process during which executives try to answer questions about the company, such as where the business is now, where they want the business to be, and what they have to do to get there.
  5. e Routers do not fragment IPv6 Packets
    Maximum packet size must be established prior to transmission

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  1. a generic name for either a proton or neutron
  2. used to declare the mail servers that are responsible for receiving inbound messages from the internet
  3. -MAC
    Access Method
    Frame Format
    MAC Management (think mobile)
    -Physical Layer
    Spectrum Selection
    Frequency Hopping
    Direct Sequence
  4. "employees are hired, trained, compensated, evaluated, promoted, and terminated."
  5. EBIT/Sales

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  1. Graphical ModelUsed in conjunction with block code - two or more subgroups of digits are used to code the item


  2. Markets Types:Primary, Secondary, Dealer, Auction


  3. Data Flow"Represents the flow of data between processes, data stores, and data sources and destinations."


  4. Cash Cycle...


  5. Support ActivitiesThe activities of the SDLC during which the system and programs are designed.