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  1. Superzapping
  2. Flexible Short-Term Financial Policy
  3. nucleon
  4. Interaction Diagram
  5. Quoted Rate =
    m =
  1. a ...
  2. b "The unauthorized use of special system programs to bypass regular system controls and perform illegal acts, all without leaving an audit trail."
  3. c a generic name for either a proton or neutron
  4. d Either a communication diagram or a sequence diagram that shows the interactions between objects
  5. e Quoted Rate = Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    m = number of compounding periods per year

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  1. Using special software to guess addresses.
  2. The process of turning cyphertext into plaintext using the encryption key and a decryption algorythmn
  3. Someone with an interest in the outcome of a project, either because they have funded it, will use it, or will be affected by it.
  4. An extra digit added to every character to help ensure the correct transmission of data.
  5. A type of workflow diagram that describes the user activities and their sequential flow.

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  1. ProcessesRepresent the transformation of data.


  2. Performance Requirementan event that occurs outside the system, usually initiated by an external agent or actor


  3. sensory datathe speed in a particular direction of a moving body


  4. Closed-ended QuestionsPart of a message between objects that is evaluated prior to transmission to determine whether the message can be sent


  5. Size CheckEnsures that the input data will fit into the assigned field.