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  1. In PRTK which type of attack uses word lists?
  2. Antennas
  3. Security Management
  4. source
  5. database
  1. a Ensures that all aspects of the system are secure and protected from all internal and external threats.
  2. b Dictionary Attack
  3. c "set of interrelated, centrally coordinated files"
  4. d an external agent or actor that supplies data to the system
  5. e Antennas are designed to shape the power of the transmitter into a pattern that concentrates the signal in the direction you wish to send.
    OR it gathers signals from the direction you expect to receive.

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  1. Using special software to guess addresses.
  2. A condition during an object's life when it satisfies some criterion, performs some action, or waits for an event
  3. A hex editor is software that allows you to view/edit data in raw format. Typically will allow multiple types of interpretations of data.
    -Can be used to read any data file
  4. (ROE x b)/(1 - ROE x b) (Note: b is the plowback ratio)
  5. Post Office Protocol
    -Used to retrieve mail from a mailbox
    -Listens on TCP port 110
    -POP3 is an ASCII protocol
    -Must have account and password
    -Primarily used to retrieve messages from a mailbox for storage in a local message store.
    -Once the message is downloaded the message is deleted from the server.

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  1. Capital BudgetingFirm's Needed Investment in New Assets


  2. Wireless USBUsed to connect peripherals such as keyboards, printers, mice, camera, etc.
    3.1-10.6 Ghz
    480/110 Mbps
    3-10 Meters Distance


  3. Computer Audit Software (CAS) / Generalized Audit Software (GAS)Software written especially for auditors that generates programs that perform the audit functions.


  4. Information Systems/Internal Control Auditwhat financial statement do you need to figure out your profit margin?


  5. Pro-Forma Financial Statements:
    -Percent-of-Sales Method
    Compares the results produced by both summing columns and rows.