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  1. reason
  2. New RE =
  3. log analysis
  4. Corrective Controls
  5. Computer Forensic Specialists
  1. a Process of examining logs to monitor security
  2. b "Discover, safeguard, and document computer evidence such that its authenticity, accuracy, and integrity will not succumb to legal challenges."
  3. c Old RE + Net Income - Dividends
  4. d Controls that remedy control problems that have been discovered.
  5. e the capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought- intelligence

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  1. When hackers use the internet to disrupt electronic commerce and to destroy company and individual communications.
  2. XHTML is a language/protocol that reformulates HTML into XML.
  3. -Identify the encrypted file (Overview > File Status > Encrypted files).
    -view the file i the explore tab tree; view the $EFS stream in file List.
    -note the windows user who in encrypted the file in $EFS stream.
    -export then SAM and SYSTEM files for decryption in PRTK. (Dictionary attack)
    -After obtaining windows password from SAM file, input the password into FTK
    -view decrypted file as a subitem of encrypted file or file status > Decrypted Files
  4. 1. Reduction of uncertainty 2. Improved decisions 3. Better ability to plan activities
  5. Automatically prepares test data based on program specifications.

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  1. Transactional Processing Outline"The process implemented by the board of directors, management, and those under their direction to try to accomplish the following objectives: Safeguard assets, maintain records, provide accurate information, prepare statements in accordance with GAAP, operate efficiently, adhere to prescribed managerial policies, and comply with laws & regulations."


  2. Check Digit VerificationVerifying that the check digit matches what it should.


  3. Estimated Work Remaining (Sprint Backlog items)The number of hours that a Team member estimates remain to be worked on any task. This estimate is updated at the end of every day when the Sprint Backlog task is worked on. The estimate is the total estimated hours remaining, regardless of the number of people that perform the work.


  4. Newton's First LawEvery object at rest, or in uniform motion, will remain in that state of motion unless compelled to do otherwise by forces acting upon it


  5. Real-time MirroringA reasonable assurance that no material error exists in the information or process audited.