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  1. General Controls
  2. Phishing
  3. Record Count
  4. Market to Book =
  5. Information System
  1. a "Sending an email, instant message, or text message pretending to be a legitimate company and requesting information."
  2. b A collection of interrelated components that collect, process, store, and provide as output the information needed to complete business tasks. (i.e., the School of Business)
  3. c Sums the number of records in a batch.
  4. d Market Value per Share/Book Value per Share
  5. e Help make sure an organization's control environment is stable and well-managed.

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  1. an occurrence at a specific time and place that can be described and is worth remembering
  2. a standardized financial statement presenting all items in percentage terms. balance sheet items are shown as percentage of assets and income statement items as a percentage of sales.
  3. towards a center
  4. "The process of making sure changes to not negatively affect systems reliability security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability."
  5. list of all general ledger accounts an organization uses

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  1. ROIROI=(est. time period benefits-est. time period cost)/est. time period costs


  2. Compound Interest =matches the user's authentication credentials against the access control matrix


  3. reasonlisting of users and resources within a security schema
    Microsoft-active directory
    Novell-Netware directory service (NDS)


  4. Operational/Management AuditConcerned with the economical and efficient use of resources and the accomplishment of established goals and objectives. Its scope corresponds to the fourth and fifth standards.


  5. MIMEA cross-functional group of people that is responsible for managing themselves to develop an increment of product every Sprint.