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  1. Clostridium difficile (C. diff)
  2. Marburg virus (a filovirus)
  3. megal
  4. Wound and skin precautions are:
  1. a Virus; Hemorrhagic fever, viral
  2. b used to prevent the spread of microorganisms found in infected wounds (including burns and open sores) and contact with wounds and heavily contaminated articles. Conditions requiring these precautions include infected burns, infected wounds, and infections with large amounts of purulent discharge. Diseases that may require wound and skin precautions include herpes, impetigo, and ringworm.

    (1) Visitors must report to the nurses' station before entering the room.
    (2) Gowns must be worn by all persons having direct contact with the infected wound.
    (3) Masks are not necessary except during dressing changes.
    (4) Gloves must be worn by all persons having direct contact with the infected area.
    (5) Special precautions are necessary for instruments, dressings, and linens.
    CAUTION: Only hospital personnel who have been vaccinated with poliomyelitis vaccine should have direct contact with patients who have active poliomyelitis.
  3. c enlarged
  4. d GI disorder, transmission occurs through contact with colonized spores, and it is commonly transmitted in health care settings.

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  1. Bacteria; Gastroenteritis, enterotoxigenic, enteroinvasive, and enterohemorrhagic; Traveler's diarrhea/Montezuma's revenge. Nosocomial pneumonia and wound infections
  2. Redness and pain
  3. 2 doses
  4. Not innate
  5. 1 dose

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  1. What are symptoms of severe radiation sickness?nausea and vomiting
    usually death


  2. Common Microorganisms which require Contact Precautions :C-diff
    Dysentery from infectious cause
    Hepatitis A


  3. Toxoplasma gondiiProtozoa; Toxoplasmosis


  4. What is a type B fire extinguisher used for?Flammable (gas, kerosene)


  5. Lassa fever virusloosening