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  1. Shigella sonnei
  2. What are the 4 goals of poison control therapy?
  3. Airborne Contact Precautions Transporting patient:
  4. Intimacy v Isolation
  5. Condylomata acuminata
  1. a 1) Remove (lavage) or neutralize (charcoal) substance before absorption
    2) Give supportive care
    3) Give antidote
    4) Speed elimination
  2. b 1. Patient must wear a surgical or procedure mask and a clean gown
    2. Patient must wash hands
    3. For direct contact with pt, nurse or care provider should wear a gown and gloves.
    4. Notify receiving area
  3. c Genital warts, papillary lesions that spread into large cauliflowerlike clusters
    Strong association with incidence of genital dysplasia and cervical carcinoma.
  4. d Bacteria; Dysentery (Shigellosis)
  5. e Early Adulthood (19-25)
    + Development of Loving, Sexual Relationships & Close Friendships
    (-) Fear of Relationship with others

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    S = Sepsis
    S = Scarlet Fever
    S = Streptococcal Pharyngitis
    P = Paravirus B19
    P = Pneumonia
    P = Pertussis
    I = Influenza
    D = Diptheria (Pharyngeal)
    E = Epiglottitis
    R = Rubella
    M = Mumps
    M = Meningitis
    M = Mycoplasma or Meningeal Pneumonia
    AN = Adenovirus
  2. water
  3. 5,000 - 10,000
  4. Spread by direct contact and droplet. Contagious 4 days before to 5 days after rash.
  5. Spread by direct contact, droplet and contaminated objects. Client is contagious one day before to 6 days after first lesions appear. Client is no longer infectious after lesions have scabbed over.

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  1. Entamoeba histolticavs. Despair. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with one's own life; develops(or fails to do so) in late adulthood, or in one's 50's and 60's and beyond; Erikson's final psycho-social stage.


  2. tripobserve


  3. O2 saturation4.5 - 7.5


  4. Contact Precautions Transporting patient:Protozoa; Dysentery: Cryptosporidiosis


  5. epiupon