Class Search API Reference

Using the Quizlet API you can find Quizlet classes.

Searching For Classes

GET way to search for classes. Returns minimal information about classes.
GET full details of a single class. See the Classes API for details.


  • Both public and private classes are always returned when doing a class search.
  • However, you can only see the full details of class if the authenticated user has access to that class.

Expand request parameters

Required Parameters

qstringThe search query (case-insensitive).

Optional Parameters

pageintegerThe page of the result set to display.1
per_pageintegerThe number of classes to display per page (must be between 1 and 50).30

Expand response fields

Result object

total_results integer The total number of classes matching your search query.
total_pages integer The total number of pages for your query.
page integer Shows which page of results you are viewing. 30 results are shown per page by default (adjust the per_page parameter to change that).
classes array Array of class objects.

Class object

For full details of the class object, see the Classes API page.

All classes returned in search results only display minimal information, in particular, the members and sets will be missing.

You can view the full class details by viewing classes one at time.

Example output

Output for (Note: for brevity, only one set is displayed below):

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/javascript
  "total_results": 13,
  "total_pages": 1,
  "page": 1,
  "classes": [
      "id": 555,
      "name": "Laboratory Sciences",
      "set_count": 0,
      "user_count": 2,
      "created_date": 1295632729,
      "is_public": false,
      "has_access": true,
      "description": "Mr Phillip's Physics Lab class for year 8"

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