Universal search API Reference

You can search Quizlet's sets, users, and classes all in 1 API call.

This returns a single array of results with class, set, and user results all mixed in together.

Universal Search

GEThttps://api.quizlet.com/2.0/search/universalGeneral way to search for classes, sets, and users all in one


  • When used with a Client ID, only public sets will be returned.
  • When we receive a user-authorized token, both public sets and sets the user has access to will be returned.
  • Both public and private classes are always returned when doing a class search.
  • However, you can only see the full details of class if the authenticated user has access to that class.

Expand request parameters

Required Parameters

qstringThe search query (case-insensitive).

Optional Parameters

pageintegerThe page of the result set to display.1
per_pageintegerThe number of results to display per page (must be between 1 and 50).30

Expand response fields

Result object

total_results integer The total number of itemss matching your search query.
total_pages integer The total number of pages for your query.
page integer Shows which page of results you are viewing. 30 results are shown per page by default (adjust the per_page parameter to change that).
items array Mixed array of class, set, and user objects.

Item object

The returned item objects are identical to the user, class, and set items returned in other areas of the API, with the exception that there is also a type field included with all returned items indicating whether the item is a class, set, or user. In all cases, only minimal information is returned about each item in the resulting JSON. More information on the actual JSON responses for each of these different items can be found in other sections of this documentation:

Example output

Output for https://api.quizlet.com/2.0/search/universal?q=spanish:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/javascript
    "total_results": 8027,
    "total_pages": 268,
    "page": 1,
    "items": [
            "id": 2836910,
            "url": "https://quizlet.com/2836910/spanish-iii-h-unidad-2-flash-cards/",
            "title": "Spanish III H unidad 2",
            "created_by": "Scottie814",
            "term_count": 143,
            "created_date": 1285277716,
            "modified_date": 1349320716,
            "has_images": false,
            "subjects": [],
            "visibility": "classes",
            "editable": "only_me",
            "has_access": true,
            "type": "set"
            "id": 189686,
            "name": "Tampa Spanish Language Class",
            "set_count": "0",
            "user_count": "6",
            "created_date": 1338848121,
            "has_access": false,
            "description": "Spanish Class",
            "admin_only": false,
            "is_public": false,
            "has_password": false,
            "member_add_sets": true,
            "school": {
                "name": "Tampa Spanish Language Class",
                "id": 47677,
                "city": "Tampa",
                "state": "FL",
                "country": "United States",
                "latitude": 0,
                "longitude": 0
            "type": "class"
            "username": "spanish_user",
            "account_type": "free",
            "profile_image": "https://quizlet.com/i/animals/19.jpg",
            "type": "user"

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