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  1. What angle of view does an incident meter read?
  2. If an image is too cyan, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?
  3. Instead of permanently altering your image when adjusting for color and value, what should you do?
  4. According to the rule of thirds, where should the important parts of an image fall?
  5. In short lighting, where is the main light placed?
  1. a Along the lines of an imaginary grid at intersecting points that divide the image into thirds horizontally and vertically
  2. b Very wide at about 180 degrees
  3. c Add red
  4. d To strike the side of the face away from the camera.
  5. e Use and adjustment layer

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  1. 5000K
  2. A mirror and pentaprism
  3. 256
  4. More of the background and foreground are sharp.
  5. Add magenta

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  1. What is focal length, technically?Whenever you have two of something (i.e Body parts) put them on slightly different levels


  2. The amount of motion blur in an image will increase if you do what?lengthen (or slow) the shutter speed


  3. This type of file format compresses images by discarding pixels; therefore, each time an images is compressed, it loses pixelsVery wide at about 180 degrees


  4. If an image is too yellow, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?Add magenta


  5. What is the general rule of thumb for the measurement of a 'normal' lens?The diagonal measurement of the sensor.