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  1. Whenever another image is copied or moved into a file, Photoshop automatically creates what?
  2. The rule of thirds necessitates that the composition be divided into a grid of now many equal rectangles or squares?
  3. Photoshop's command for a simple way to start using color balance is what?
  4. What is burning?
  5. What is a BIT?
  1. a 9
  2. b Variations command
  3. c A new layer
  4. d The smallest unit of information consisting of either a 1 or a zero. It can only represent two possibilities - either yes or no, black or white.
  5. e Selectively increasing print exposure, which will make select parts of the image darker

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  1. Use and adjustment layer
  2. four times more
  3. Butterfly lighting
  4. 1920 pixels by 2400 pixels (4.6 million pixels)
  5. Fisheye

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  1. If you're working with an automatic camera and you set the shutter speed and the camera sets the aperture, what mode are you working in?Shutter-priority


  2. An in-camera reflected meter reading a very dark scene indicates an exposure of 1/250th at f/8. For a correct exposure, what should you do?Metadata


  3. Resolution refers to what?The number of pixels per unit of length in a image


  4. Focal length controls what?1) Magnification, or the size of the subject; 2) Angle of view


  5. This viewing option gives you the most accurate size version of your image in PhotoshopActual Pixel view