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  1. What causes respiratiory alkalosis?
  3. deficiency of C3
  4. Pts
  5. Standard v. LMWH
  1. a taking
    Phenothiazine have this problem because dry mouth caused by anticholinergic effect
    of the drug. Promary Polydypsia can also be caused by hypothalamic lesions
    affecting the thirst center.\n\n
  2. b inflammation of the gastric mucosa 2/2 NSAIDS/ASA, H. pylori, alcohol, heavy cigarette use, smoking, caffeinel extreme physiologic stress (eg shock, sepsis, burns). It can either be asymptomatic or cause epigastric pain. The relationship between eating and pain is NOT consistent.

    IF LOW PAIN or MODERATE and not worrisome, empiric therapy + acid suppress is good treatment with the stopping of NSAIDs
  3. c severe, recurrent pyogenic sinus and respiratory tract infections
  4. d 1. STD Heparin
    -therapeutic dose is usually given IV, intiated with a bolus of 70 to 80 U'kg and followed by continuous IV infusion (15-18 U/kg/hr infusion). Theraputic PTT is usually between 60-90 seconds. But this varies dependng on situation
    -prophylactive dose is given subcutaneously-low dose hepatin (5000U SC every 12 hours). PTT monitoringis not necessary for SC dosing

    2. LMWH
    -theraputic dose (give as a weight adjusted dose)
    -prophylactic dose (varies dependingon type of produce)
  5. e Too much breathing

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  1. Because only in SEVERE LIVER DISEASE does the PT become prolonged
  2. Le pasa cuando hace mucho viento?
  3. of DUB in adulescent is anovulation. Therefore endometrial biopsy is not required in these pts. Once bleeding is stopped , advise pt to take the following: conjugated estrogen for 25 days
    , then add methoxyprogestrone for the last 10-15 days and then allow 5-7 days for
    withdrawl bleeding to mimic menstural cycle.\n\n
  4. pitting edema; cirrhosis, RHF
  5. 1. Asymptomatic - found incidentally on CBC
    2. Painless LAD
    3. Splenomegaly
    4. Frequent respiratoy or skin infections 2/2 immune deficiency
    5. More advanced disease: fatigue, weight loss, pallor, skin rashes, easy bruising, bone tenderness and abdonminal pain.

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  1. Rxsurgery or bromocriptine (dopamine analog)


  2. Diagnosis of DI

    Plasma Osmo:
    H2O deprivation
    ADH level:
    vWF (Factor 8-related antigenic protein)
    1. produced in endothelial cells and megakaryocytes
    2. platelet adhesion - mediates the adhesion of platelets to the injured vessel walls (ie reacts with platelet GPIbIX and subendothelium)
    3. Binds the factor 8 coagulant protein and protects it from degradation
    4. inheritance pattern of vWF - AD
    5. vWD has low vWF
    6. Hemophilia is NORMAL

    Factor 8 coag protein
    1. produced in the liver
    2. functions as fibrin clot formation
    3. Xlinked recessive
    4. vWF is reduced but not low
    6. VERY LOW hemophilia


  3. Flecainide/Encainide (1)1. sudden death in patients with myocardial ischemia - proarrhythmic


  4. Where are the subtypes of nAChR found?is a major cause for Hypercalcemia. Tx is stopping vitD tx and low calcium diet, keeping urin acidic and give corticosteriods.\n\n


  5. Disseminated GonoCoc infxPersents in menturating women with tampon, many partners, occasional condom,
    presents with high fever, rash, tenosynovitis and migratory arthralgia. DDX with
    TSS which presents with Fever, macular erythema of palms and soles,, vomit and
    diarrhea nad hypotension.\n\n