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  1. Protein C and S
  2. S/S
  3. what hormone stimulates the secretory phase of endometrium
  4. Diagnosis of Vtach
  5. Type I reactions
  1. a ECG: Wide and bizarre QRS
    QRS: Monophasic VT = QRS complex identical
    Polyphasic VT = QRS complexes differ
  2. b polyarthritis (MC), carditis, erythema marginatum, rheumatoid nodules, chorea
  3. c inactivate factors V and VIII; enhance fibrinolysis
  4. d IgE antibodies; mast cells; wheal and flare with bee sting
  5. e progesterone

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  1. end-product of repair by connective tissue
  2. -bronchospasm
    -prolongs anasthesia
    -cardiac arrest/heart block
    -AEs include anxiety, h/a, cerebral hemorrhage
  3. Furesamide, Aminoglycosides, vancomycin, quinine and chloroquine.\n\n
  4. Most esophagel diverticula are caused by an underling motility disorder of the esophagus:

    1. Zenkers diverticulum
    2. Traction diverticulum
    3. EPiphrenic diverticula
  5. low MCV, low Hb, Low hematocrit, low
    reticulocyte count, microcytosis, hypochromia, low serum Iron, elevated TIBC. Low
    serum feritin is diagnostic for IDA. Infants should receive breast milk for the first
    year or iron fortified formulas. iron fortified cereal should be added the first 4-6
    months. \n\n

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  1. Why does pressure decrease as the blood flows through systemic circulation?Pressure decreases progressively b/c of the resistance to blood flow.


  2. Ibuprofen (NSAIDS) (6)hydroxylation of arachidonic acid


  3. ****FSGS:slanted eyes; simian crease; endocardial cushion defect; Alzheimer's


  4. *****
    Oxytocin is like
    ADH so it causes water retention and Water toxicity due to decrease
    in Na concentration ( 123 ). So it could cause seizure post partum.\n\n


  5. GlycopyrrolateAn inflmmatory muscle dis of unknown etiology. Presens as proximal weakness,
    characterized by difficulty Ascending and Descending stairs, combing hair and
    kneeling down. There are no Skin rach or pathces like Dermatomyositis. \n\n