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emergency aid
- Aus government respond quickly in times of crisis and provide personnel and material resources to assist in saving lives
- they work with other multilateral and NGO partners to ensure emergency is provided to those who need it
- EG: DFAT contributed $2.5 million to the international effort to assist Haitians in the aftermath of a 2016 hurricane
bilateral aid
- through DFAT, the governmenet provides bilateral directly to 75 countries, including neighbouring countries (Indonesia, PNG)
- this aid comes in the form of funding, donations of material resources, training and advice
- EG: Australia's aid supports 85 schools operating in remote, socially disadvantaged communities in Fiji
- they also have partnerships with governments in high income countries (USA, Canada), to work together to maximise the benefits of aid programs in our region
multilateral aid
- approximately one third of Aus's aid budget is dedicated to multilateral aid
- the Aus government provides multilateral funds to international aid organisations such as World Bank, UN and the WHO, to run programs in low and middle income countries
- by funding multilateral organisations, Aus hopes to accelerate achievement of SDG 3 by improving access to health services
NGO aid
- the Aus government funds Aus NGOs through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program to provide grants to over 50 registered NGOs
- DFAT has a direction partnership with 10 of Australia's largest NGOs, such as World Vision Australia and Oxfam Australia, with whom they work closely