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Chapter 5 PSY286 EXAM

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- Piaget argued intelligence is a basic life function that helps and organism adapt to it's environment.

-nature provides assimilation and accomodation that make adaption to environment possible and the process of adaption and organisation driven by innate (nature-driven) tendency to reach equilibrium.

- children explore the world and create a schemata in their brain- schema is a cognitive structure- an organised pattern of action or thought that a person constructs to interpret their experiences

- e.g. infants sucking response is a early behavioural schemata.

- second year is a symbolic schemata e.g.they use internal symbols such as words or images to represent aspects of experiences.

-children actively create knowledge by building schemata from their experiences (nurture), using two inborn (nature) intellectual functions called ORGANISATION and ADAPTION.

-Organisation; children systematically combine existing schemata into new and more complex ones.

- Adaption; the process of adjusting to the demands of the environment; occurs through two complimentary processes of ASSIMILATION and ACCOMMODATION.

-Assimilation; the process by which we interpret new experiences in terms of existing schemata or cognitive structures. Already have a schema that mentally represents your knowledge i.e. four legged animal as dogs and may call this "doggie" as a child; we deal with the environment in our own terms; bending it to fit our own categories.

-Accommodation; doggie is much bigger than normal, mane awfully strange and it doesn't bark. Therefore, prompts you to change your understanding of the world in relation to four legged animals. the process of modifying existing schemata to better fit new experiences.

-When new events challenge old schemata o prove our understanding as inadequate we experience a cognitive conflict called DISEQUILIBRIUM; stimulates cognitive growth and formation of more accurate understandings.

-Equilibrium; mental conflict not pleasant so we are motivated to reduce conflict by achieving mental stability , where our internal thoughts are consistent with the evidence that we receive from external world.