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Graphic Novel style, language and conventions

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1. In the first and last panel birds families/butterflies families symbolize freedom and the innocence of young henry when he was happy and carefree with his late mother and seems to enjoying himself, and reading a book again when he became best friends with Victor Frankenstein.

2. The books throughout the backstory represent the love of knowledge of new worlds that Henry and his mum love to explore together at first and then when Katherine died Victor became Henry's new book friend. Although the blue book and red book that young henry and his mother were holding in the first panel are the most significant as they represent Henry's love and happiness as a child. For instance, when Henry's mother got sick Henry would constantly read the red book, that represented Henry's and his mother's love for each other, but when Henry's mother die (panel 6) henry threw the red book in the fire because his physical and idea of love died with his mother (panel 7-8).

3. the rain is panel 6 is used as a symbolic prop as it emphasizes the sad and depressing atmosphere surrounding Katherine's death , which Henry had to witness. the gravestone in panel 6 also symbolizes death and presents Henry's Mother's death as a very raw, intimate and real event.

4. The fire in panel 8 symbolizes and amplifies the pain and hardship that Henry is going through.

5. In normal circumstances the 2 swords symbol means war, but as I drew the swords pointing downwards this represents Henry giving up all of the pain and sorrow that he was feeling and starting anew with his new found friend, Victor, but still remembering and honoring his mother by not giving up on reading. The swords also act as a hint towards Henry's first appearance in the 'Frankenstein' graphic novel, because when he is first mentioned their is an illustration of Henry and Victor play fighting with wooden swords.