Jane Harrison's play, "Rainbow's End" accentuates the correlation between individual and collective experiences.
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Accumulated truncated sentences + foreshadowing - "that man, he's writing a report. About the way we live. For the Government of Victoria,"Social x 7Thus, Harrison highlights how segregation facilitates a deeper understanding of one's surroundings.Social LinkingHarrison further encapsulates the delineation of discrimination faced by Aboriginal communities, challenging the traditional Australian ideologies.Discrimination Thesisdream sequence and irony + contradiction - "Gladys is curtsying, presenting a bouquet of flowers to the QUEEN"Discrimination x 1Metaphor - "Gladys is holding a bunch of weeds and can't understand why she's holding them"Discrimination x 2Allusion -"Oh my feet! Remind me never to borrow Auntie's shoes again"Discrimination x 3motif + symbolic - encyclopaediaDiscrimination x 4Juxtaposition + allusion - "I don't think so."Discrimination x 5Positive tone- "She's a fine asset. Her school report - all As and Bs"Discrimination x 6sarcastic tone - "Well, it's all very impressive... What I'm wondering is how she'd fit in"Discrimination x 7Therefore, Harrison reveals how discrimination facilitates an individual and collective transformation, uniting Dolly's family together.Discrimination LinkingFinally, Harrison highlights how family is significant to Aboriginal cultural values, acting as a catalyst that ignites collective and individual growth.cultural values thesiscynical tone - "they're not going to give her that job." "why should her address stop her in life?"values x 1rhetorical q - "why should her address stop her in life?"value x 2anecdote + high modality lang + accumulated truncated sentences - "they forced us to leave. Forced us to leave Cummeragunja. Our home"values x 3repetition - "they might be drinkers, but they're still our people"values x 4allusion - "as if we chose to live on a flood plain"values x 5Consequently, Harrison highlights the connections between collective and individual growth.values linking sentenceConclusively, Harrison illustrates the Aboriginal perceptions within "Rainbow's End", and thus, how human experiences are distinct, mirroring the individual and collective events that occur within one's life, impacting their identity.conclusion