End Trimester quiz- psyc101- part 5- Human Development

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According to Erikson, at each of the eight stages, an individual faces what type of challenge that is normative for that period of life?
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Piaget referred to ______ as the interpretation of actions or events in terms of one's present schemas.assimilationResearchers comparing a group of people who are 100 years old, to people in their 60s and 80s, must be particularly concerned with the possibility that:some differences among the age groups may actually be associated with differences in culture.Royce is demanding and disobedient, has no respect for the property or rights of others, and is impulsive, immature, and out of control. He does what he pleases with little regard for consequences. According to Baumrind, it is MOST likely that his parents are engaged in _____ parenting.permissive.The ability to know that just because I physically spread out my money, there really is not any more, is an example of:conservation.The idea that changes in behaviour and body occur as a result of biologically based changes that follow an orderly sequence, is referred to as:maturation.The zone of proximal development refers to:the development that reflects a continuum of cognitive development.To function as adults, children must learn the rules, beliefs, values, skills, attitudes, and behaviour patterns of their society, a process called:socialisation.To keep up with technology, many Australians had to change from using a typewriter to using a computer for word processing. A person's typing schema will have to ______ to incorporate the new techniques needed to use the new equipment.accommodateWhich is NOT a crisis encountered during development, according to Erikson?Affiliation versus social isolationWhich of the following is NOT a pattern of infant attachment?Overly attachedTimes that are more important to subsequent human development than others, although not the absolute gatekeepers of psychological growth, are referred to as:sensitive periods.Research suggests that development during childhood appears to be ______. In adulthood, individuals appear to develop ______.stage-like; in alternative directionsWhich of the following is the correct sequence of stages of prenatal development?Foetal, embryonic, germinalWith regards to the difference between boys and girls, which is true?Boys and girls grow at the same rate until 10. The growth spurt starts later for boys. Puberty, on average, occurs earlier in girls. All of the options listedWhich population group is rapidly increasing in number in Australia and has led to an increased interest in this area of lifespan development?The ageing populationPiaget referred to the process of modifying schemas to fit reality as:accommodation.Vygotsky's sociocultural theory of cognitive development emphasises the role of __________ in learningsocial interactionResearch suggests that attention, visual, spatial and perceptual skills can be increased from:playing action-based video games.A child whose early attachment to her mother is marked by extreme anxiety resulting from inconsistent or abusive caretaking may:form a working model of herself as unlovable and see significant others as unpredictable.Researchers have identified three infant temperaments, which correspond in certain respects to human attachment styles. What are these temperaments?Easy, difficult and slow-to-warm-upAttachment style is predictive of later behaviours, whereas temperament is relatively stable. Research posits that parenting style can influence temperament; therefore, if an infant is relatively shy and her mother demonstrates positive and warm parenting, the infant will be more likely to:become less shy.Parents who place high value on obedience and respect for authority and do not encourage discussion of why particular behaviours are important are described as______, whereas parents who enforce set standards but also encourage give and take, while considering their children's opinions, are described as _____.authoritarian; authoritativeThe process by which children acquire personality traits, emotional responses, skills, behaviours and preferences that are culturally considered appropriate to their sex is called:sex typing.In order to move away from egocentrism and towards the ability to represent another person's mind in one's own, an individual must develop an implicit set of ideas about the existence of mental states, such as beliefs and feelings, in oneself and others, known as ______ and develop it between the ages of _____ years.theory of mind; two and fourChildren develop an understanding of gender over which three progressive stages?Gender identity, gender stability and gender constancyFrom a psychodynamic perspective, the primary emotion that motivates a person to obey his or her conscience is:guilt.Erikson's basic trust versus mistrust stage of development occurs:roughly in the first 18 months of life.during the developmental stage identified by Erikson as autonomy versus shame and doubt:children learn to walk and talk and hence to experience themselves as sources of will and power.What enables older people to cope with age-related life events such as retirement, loss of a spouse, declining health and to sustain their wellbeing?Social connectedness