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  1. Vaporize
  2. Servile
  3. Exalt
  4. Audacious
  5. Pretentious
  1. a Ostentatious; pompous; making unjustified claims; overly ambitious
  2. b Daring; bold
  3. c Raise in rank or dignity; praise
  4. d Turn into vapor
  5. e Slavish; cringing

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  1. A lack of inclination; reluctance
  2. Fanatic; person who shows excessive zeal
  3. Highly skilled artist
  4. Self-governing
  5. pretending to ber virtuous; deceiving

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  1. CrypticResulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome


  2. TorporLethargy; sluggish; dormancy


  3. HedonistNarrate or tell; count over again


  4. ArtisanManually skilled worker; craftsman opposed to artist


  5. RavenousDestroy completely