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  1. Surfeit
  2. Coalesce
  3. Soporific
  4. Peripheral
  5. Conflagration
  1. a Outer; marginal
  2. b Sleep-causing; marked by sleepiness
  3. c Satiate; stuff; indulge to excess in anything
  4. d Combine; fuse
  5. e Great fire

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  1. Approve formally; confirm; verify
  2. Ostentatious; pompous; making unjustified claims; overly ambitious
  3. Harsh and shrill; disorderly and boisterous
  4. Easily deceived
  5. Worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; concerned with the commonplace

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  1. InduceIndistinct; not easily understood


  2. ScrutinizeStandard used in judging


  3. TorporPublic speaker


  4. CapriciousDifficult to please; really careful


  5. ExaltRaise in rank or dignity; praise