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  1. acute
  2. Glyph: Spelling of greek word for virgin
    Anatomy: Intestines, liver, pancreas, gale bladder, lower plexus and upper bowel
    Keyword: practicality
    I analyze
  3. Substance and Accidents
  1. a
  2. b As a further refinement in the explanation of change and the constitution of a being. There are ten categories of being. The first one is substance and the others are the nine type of accident" quantity, quality, relation, action, passion/passivity. place, time, posture, habit.
  3. c sudden onset or short lived
  4. d pluck (strings of musical instrument), play
  5. e only, just

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  1. [N] [Meiosis] [128]
    -8th generation in sperm development/ forms after 7th division
    -these are only around for a few hours!!
    -goes on to "Reduction Division"
  2. Dziwiętnaście
  3. be/become aware of/that, realise that

  4. stingy.

    Ex: the pain was very parsimonious.

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  1. MatterSiedom


  2. Air MutableGemini


  3. kvalitetquality


  4. When is Merger Doctrine usedSolicitation

    NOT in conspiracy


  5. alfred sisley