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  1. So far so good.
  2. 此處
  3. mitsukeru
  4. . Don't mention that.
  1. a find (takes o particle) (verb)
  2. b this place, here
  3. c be much; be many; have many; mostly
  4. d Не надо об этом.
  5. e Пока что все идет хорошо.

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  1. answer (noun)
  2. zodiac sign
  3. Culpable mental state

    Purposely - committing the act w/ the conscious objective to cause result
    Knowingly- a result is knowingly caused when ∆ is aware that it is practically certain that his conduct will cause such result
    Recklessly- consciously disregarding a substantial and unjustifiable risk which is gross deviation from standard conduct.
    Negligently- creating a substantial and unjustifiable risk, where the actor should have been aware of the danger ans is a gross deviation from the standard conduct which reasonable person would have been aware of.
  4. there will be 4 layers
    -the outside layer is always going to be Spermatogonia
    -the next layer medialy will always be Spermatocytes
    -the next layer medialy to that will either be spermatocytes OR spermatids
    -the last layer next to the lumen will always be Spermatids
  5. hat (noun)

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  1. Axis VPięć


  2. tomarutest (verb)


  3. float, drift


  4. Omission
    May 21-June 20


  5. Actus Reus C/LAnxious and Avoidant emotional styles. IE: Dependant, Avoidant, and OCPD.


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