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  1. mutated
  2. pathology
  3. — Do you want me to help you? — You bet!
  4. Jupiter exalted
  1. a Ты хочешь, чтобы я помог тебе? — Еще спрашиваешь!
  2. b emerge, go out, come out; rise (of sun or moon); produce, emit
  3. c study of the characteristics of a disease
  4. d changes in DNA structure, may be inherited or cause disease
  5. e Cancer

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  1. A lyric poem with the sound of a song. Ballads generally have a narrative strain and have lines with alternating rhymes.
  2. only, just
  3. Unstable and confused behavior; poor sense of identity; self-harm and self-defeating
  4. continue (verb)
  5. Libra

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  1. TvillingGemini


  2. . Get lost.Исчезни. Мотай отсюда. Проваливай.


  3. Schizoid PDThe number that should be most obvious in its meaning. In all Suites it symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start.


  4. mijikaismall (adj)


  5. meet, get together