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  1. ikutsu
  2. diagnosis
  3. Leo Astrology
  1. a be old, of long standing, original
  2. b be white
  3. c
    July 23-Aug 22
  4. d how many? (interrogative)
  5. e the determine the nature of a disease based on signs symptoms and lab tests

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  1. enter, go in, come in; set (of sun or moon)
  2. (theory explaining how you get a continuous production of sperm)
    "Only 7/8 goes from A4 generation to In generation, the other 1/8 goes back to being A1 generation"
  3. cat (noun)
  4. song (noun)
  5. big (adj)

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  1. sequelaaftermath of a disease


  2. Material CauseThat (potency) from which a thing is produce (clay of a pot, stone of a statue)


  3. 1. Scrotum
    2. Testis
    3. Inguinal canal

    the overthrowing of .

    Ex: this is a subversion that we need.


  4. epididymuslike an extention to the seminiferous tubules
    -has head(Caput), body(), and tail(Cauda)
    -sperm takes 1-2 weeks to travel from head to tail
    -absorbtion of fluids here
    -secretion of exocrine


  5. signwhat you see in a pt