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  1. That goes for you too.
  2. mitsukeru
  3. Virgo Astrology
  1. a shine; shine on, illuminate
  2. b a wood, forest, grove, trees
  3. c find (takes o particle) (verb)
  4. d
    Aug 23-Sep 22
  5. e К тебе это тоже относится. / Это касается и тебя.

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  1. choose (verb)
  2. lake
  3. white (adj)
  4. surely not? cannot possibly
  5. motile cell that delivers genetic material to an egg

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  1. itsumoalways (adverb)


  2. Actus Reus C/Lmovement that is willed or directed by the actor


  3. Felony-Murder Rulea person is guilty of murder if she kills another person, even accidentally, during the commission or attempted commission of any felony.


  4. Blank VerseAquarius


  5. kvalitetquality