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  1. Schizoid PD
  2. relapse
  3. erabu
  1. a Unable to take pleasure in any social interaction (conversations to sex)
  2. b enter, go in, come in; set (of sun or moon)
  3. c person, people, human being; others (not self); someone, anyone
  4. d symptoms subside
  5. e choose (verb)

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  1. place; the place where; that which; which
  2. sky; Heaven; Providence; Nature (excluding the human race!)
  3. Тут вы правы. / Тоже верно.
  4. search (for) (verb)

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  1. alfred sisley


  2. cloud


  3. One1. Haiku
    2. Sonnet
    3. Ballad


  4. exacerbationreoccurs in severity


  5. Moon detrimentAquarius


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