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  1. Moon exalted
  2. Moon in fall
  3. Mars in fall
  4. Antisocial PD
  1. a Deceit and Manipulations become core aspects of a person
  2. b wander, rove; be away from home on service; tour
  3. c Scorpio
  4. d Cancer
  5. e Taurus

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  1. be deep
  2. Воля ваша, но мне нужно кое-что сделать, и в Париж я не поеду.
  3. Cancer
  4. fire
  5. normal balance of functions

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  1. Glyph: Crabs claws
    Anatomy: breast, stomach and upper lobes of liver
    Keyword: Devotion
    I feel


  2. Felony-Murder Rulecombo of symptoms


  3. leydig cellPoetry that shows a pattern of rhyming, but without a clear pattern of meter.


  4. be white


  5. kareyou (pronoun, extremely disrespectful)


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