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  1. Mens Rea for Rape
  2. Seventeen
  3. astrologi
  1. a astrology
  2. b siedomnaście
  3. c matter, affair, activity, event
  4. d Subjective Test- did the ∆ believe he had consent.
    Objective Test- would a reasonable person believe they had consent.
  5. e lute

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  1. The essential nature of a thing that which specifies the constitution of being
  2. float, drift

  3. easily led;docile.
    Ex: young children are very tractable.
  4. TV (noun)

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  1. Schizoid PDUnable to take pleasure in any social interaction (conversations to sex)


  2. Let happen whatever would happen.Пусть будет, что будет.


  3. surely not? cannot possibly


  4. tsuzukerueat (verb)


  5. FifteenPiętnaście