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  1. Preparation Solicitation
  2. Sonnet
  3. Fifteen
  4. heya
  5. Three
  1. a Piętnaście
  2. b mere acts of preparation, failing to lead directly or proximately to the consummation of the intended crime, do not constitute solicitation
  3. c room
  4. d A formal poem of fourteen lines, composed in a strict closed form, usually employing lines of ten syllables.
  5. e is the number of creativity, joy, parties. The joy, the parties and the social happiness can be seen the Suite of Cups. Suites of Wands/Rods and Coins/Pentacles relate to the creativity of the number. As it is such a carefree and happy number, the negative opposite is worry and anxiety.

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  1. Mercury
  2. Dziesięć
  3. combo of symptoms
  4. Sperm that has at least entered the lumen
  5. Cztery

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  1. planetplanet


  2. Substance and Accidentsintent to do some further act or achieve additional consequence.


  3. night


  4. camille pissaro


  5. Parsimonious - adjective

    Ex: the pain was very parsimonious.