Are you a teacher who loves Quizlet and also loves Google? We're working on a project highlighting some of the ways Quizlet and Google can work really well together (Google Classroom integration, using Quizlet on Chromebooks, Google sign-up) and would love to hear your stories. Thank you!

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Quizlet of the Week: Grace Hopper (See you at the conference?)
By Unknown (Smithsonian Institution) - Flickr: Grace Hopper and UNIVAC, CC BY 2.0 This week, four members of the Quizlet Team are in Houston attending the Grace Hopper Conference in Houston, Texas. The conference is a celebration of women in computing, and this year more than 15,000 people are expe…

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Do you create sets on Quizlet?

Be the first to try out our brand new design and features to turbocharge your set creation on the Quizlet mobile app! Sign up here.

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Quizlet of the Week: Celebrating Nobel Prize Winner Bob Dylan
Photo via By Jean-Luc Ourlin - originally posted to Flickr as Bob Dylan, CC BY-SA 2.0 Today the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan, an American singer and songwriter who got his start in folk music. It's unusual for a musician to win the prize — traditionally it's gone to an author…

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Teacher to Teacher: How I Use Quizlet to Coach a LEGO Robotics Team
This is a guest post by Eric Brosch, who coaches a FIRST LEGO League team of elementary and middle school students in Tampa, Florida. Robotics season hadn’t even started, and I had my first challenge. We had a team name (Porygon Programmers), but no robot. Four of six team members, ages 10-13, wer…

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We're live! Ask Andrew anything on his Reddit AMA. He'll be answering for the next few hours.

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Mark your calendars! Quizlet founder Andrew Sutherland will be doing an AMA ("Ask me Anything") on Reddit on Wednesday from 3–7pm Pacific time. He'll be answering questions about Quizlet, edtech, being a tech founder and anything else you want to know. Start thinking of the questions you want to ask and we'll see you on Reddit on Wednesday.

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Want to try out a new learning feature on Quizlet for iOS devices? Sign up here.

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Bonus Quizlet of the Week: National Coffee Day!
This week we get an extra special bonus Quizlet of the Week. Why? Because it's National Coffee Day and that's definitely something we celebrate (and take seriously) at Quizlet HQ. Studying and coffee go together like... studying and Quizlet; they just belong together. To be the expert on what goes…

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Quizlet of the Week: Remembering Shimon Peres & the Oslo Accords
Yesterday we learned that Shimon Peres, a two-time prime minister of Israel and long-time Israeli politician passed away at the age of 93. Peres was a long-time advocate for peace in the Middle East, and was awarded a Noble Peace Prize in 1994 for his work on the Oslo Accords (along with Yassir Araf…

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Quizlet of the Week: First day of fall (or spring)!
Today is the second equinox of the year, which means it's officially fall for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and spring for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere! Equinox is Latin for "equal night," which refers to the fact that day and night are about equal lengths right now. This is due t…

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Quizlet is studying abroad (and we’ve learned some new languages along the way)
Hello, hallo, hola, 你好! Students, teachers, and learners from all over the globe use Quizlet on a daily basis, but until now, however, they’ve been using Quizlet in English only. To reflect the global nature of our user base we’re excited to bring Quizlet to students and teachers who live in a dif…

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Quizlet teams up with VotePlz to help you register to vote
Today we are proud to announce that Quizlet is partnering with VotePlz, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is helping people register to vote. Voting is an important American right, and we want to help as many people as possible exercise that right, regardless of their affiliation. If you…


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San Francisco Bay Area teachers, invite Quizlet to your classroom! Just email and we'll be in touch.

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Quizlet of the Week: International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Aaaaaaaargh! Coming up in a few days is International Talk Like A Pirate Day (yes, this is a real thing, and it's held on September 19 each year). Any "Jack Art" (read: common sailor) can make an aargh joke and get a few chuckles, but to really learn how to take to the seas like a pro, you'll need…

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The best of our #QuizletLive contest… so far
Last week we launched a contest all about Quizlet Live and how teachers like you use it in your classrooms. We’ve seen hundreds of entries so far, complete with colorful pictures, rightfully noisy videos, and creative ideas on ways to use Quizlet Live. Quizlet Live is an incredible in-classroom lea…

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Quizlet of the Week: International Literacy Day
Today we're celebrating International Literacy Day! ILD was first proclaimed by UNESCO fifty years ago today, with the goal of bringing the international community together to promote literacy as a way to empower people and help them improve their lives. From the UNESCO Director-General, "The world…

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Teachers — How do you #QuizletLive? Share your story for a chance to win $500 to DonorsChoose!
We built Quizlet Live for teachers to engage their students in the classroom, and since launch we’ve been blown away by the different ways you’ve chosen to integrate Quizlet into your lessons. Over the past few months we’ve heard from teachers who use Quizlet Live to teach foreign languages, teache…

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Quizlet of the Week: Labor Day Edition
Monday is Labor Day in the US. For some, it means the day before the start of the school year. For others, it means a 3-day weekend (YES!). Labor Day is more than a Monday off from school — it's a day to celebrate American workers (and it's been celebrated since the 1800s). Learn all about the hist…

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Can you help Quizlet get to SXSWedu?
Talking to and learning from other educators, technologists and students is incredibly valuable to us and we're always looking for more. Just like we love to learn from others, we think we have some fascinating stories to share with people in the edtech community. One of the biggest stages to share…

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