To all our Korean-speaking users - 안녕하세요! You can now select Korean from the language menu at the bottom of most pages or by going to your Settings page and scrolling down to the Language section. Have fun studying in Hangul!

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Quizlet of the Week: World AIDS Day
Each year, we recognize World AIDS Day on December 1. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people around the globe to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS and remember those who have succumbed to the virus. Since 1988, World AIDS Day has been recognized around the globe. In all, more than 35 mi…

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Quizlet insights: Teachers say technology makes learning more fun, students say it helps them learn
You can’t enter a classroom today without seeing Chromebooks, tablets, SMART Boards and other technology; when students leave class, they can instantly get online with phones and WiFi. Inside school walls and at home during homework time, technology is more pervasive than ever — but is it accomplish…

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New to Quizlet? Attend our Teacher to Teacher webinar
Update: This event is full, but please look out for our next one! Join us for our first Teacher to Teacher webinar, Quizlet: Engaging All Students for Success. This event is perfect for educators or administrators who are new to the Quizlet platform and want to learn more about what it has to offer.…

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Quizlet of the Week: American Education Week
It's American Education Week: a time to recognize the importance of education and celebrate our public schools. No matter what type of school you go to or teach at, I think we can all get behind efforts to ensure quality education for everyone, and appreciate those who support each student's succes…

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Quizlet of the Week: Practicing Mindfulness
No matter who you voted for, it's been an intense week that marks the end to a crazy two years of campaigning. Donald Trump is now the president-elect of the United States, and the anxiety and excitement around the election were being (and continue to be) felt by a lot of people. It's difficult not…

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What do you wish Quizlet can help you learn? Take 5 mins to share your thoughts and help us make Quizlet better.

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Teacher to Teacher: Getting more out of Quizlet
This is a guest post by Chris Pye, a teacher at the British School of Guangzhou, China. Quizlet is one of my favourite tools for teaching languages. Its multiple activities are great fun for students practising new vocabulary with either a computer or a mobile device. The new Quizlet Live feature…

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Quizlet of the Week: National Sandwich Day
Sandwiches: simple, portable, endlessly customizable, delicious... Everyone has their favorite, from easy PBJs and grilled cheese, to towering Clubs and meaty Reubens, to delectable tea sandwiches and canapés. 300 million sandwiches are eaten by Americans every day, and they are popular all over th…

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Happy Halloween from the Quizlet team!

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Teacher to Teacher: Using Quizlet and Google Classroom together
Google Classroom is where high school teacher Carrie Feist keeps her students current on everything going on in the classroom. Quizlet is one of her go-to learning tools for her class. Together, they allow her to keep her language arts students current on what they should be studying, no matter if t…

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Quizlet of the Week: The 2016 World Series
This year's World Series features the two teams with the longest running championship droughts: Cleveland's most recent title was in 1948 and The Cubs last won in 1908, which makes it a total of 176 years combined since Cub or Indians fans have been to a ticker tape parade. With Chicago's 5-1 win o…

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Teacher to Teacher: Using Quizlet's Chrome App to get students on Quizlet quickly
Getting 30 students to open up a Chromebook, type in "w-w-w-.-q-u-i-z-l-e-t-.-c-o-m", and launch a study mode in a coordinated way can take up precious classroom time that could otherwise be spent learning. Thanks to Quizlet's Chrome App it's simple for school admins to pre-install Quizlet onto thei…

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Are you a teacher who loves Quizlet and also loves Google? We're working on a project highlighting some of the ways Quizlet and Google can work really well together (Google Classroom integration, using Quizlet on Chromebooks, Google sign-up) and would love to hear your stories. Thank you!

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Quizlet of the Week: Grace Hopper (See you at the conference?)
By Unknown (Smithsonian Institution) - Flickr: Grace Hopper and UNIVAC, CC BY 2.0 This week, four members of the Quizlet Team are in Houston attending the Grace Hopper Conference in Houston, Texas. The conference is a celebration of women in computing, and this year more than 15,000 people are expe…

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Do you create sets on Quizlet?

Be the first to try out our brand new design and features to turbocharge your set creation on the Quizlet mobile app! Sign up here.

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Quizlet of the Week: Celebrating Nobel Prize Winner Bob Dylan
Photo via By Jean-Luc Ourlin - originally posted to Flickr as Bob Dylan, CC BY-SA 2.0 Today the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan, an American singer and songwriter who got his start in folk music. It's unusual for a musician to win the prize — traditionally it's gone to an author…

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Teacher to Teacher: How I Use Quizlet to Coach a LEGO Robotics Team
This is a guest post by Eric Brosch, who coaches a FIRST LEGO League team of elementary and middle school students in Tampa, Florida. Robotics season hadn’t even started, and I had my first challenge. We had a team name (Porygon Programmers), but no robot. Four of six team members, ages 10-13, wer…

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We're live! Ask Andrew anything on his Reddit AMA. He'll be answering for the next few hours.

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Mark your calendars! Quizlet founder Andrew Sutherland will be doing an AMA ("Ask me Anything") on Reddit on Wednesday from 3–7pm Pacific time. He'll be answering questions about Quizlet, edtech, being a tech founder and anything else you want to know. Start thinking of the questions you want to ask and we'll see you on Reddit on Wednesday.

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