Quizlet is humming along as usual. Here are some cool announcements:

  1. Quizlet reached 10,000 users on Wednesday, March 16. Not too bad for 56 days of existence.
  2. I just added a wave of new improvements to Quizlet. Read on.
  3. I'm entering Quizlet for the Davidson Fellows scholarship. So far, I've written 2.5/4 essays and recorded my video. Wish me luck! (I'll hope to post my video on YouTube soon.)

For the Davidson scholarship, I'm compiling a list of good testimonials to send them. If Quizlet helps you out, you can help ME out by sending in a testimonial. Much appreciated!

UPDATE: Hmm, I just gave the testimonials some more thought. It would be really cool if people created video testimonials about Quizlet. I know that's a lot to ask - the reason is that I have to prepare this ~15 minute video about Quizlet and I don't want to just be a talking head. How awesome would it be to have user testimonials included with the video? If you're up for it, upload your video to YouTube (or whatever) and post a link in the comments. No longer than a minute would be best. Thanks!

Okay, now what you really want to see:


  • Added customizable symbols (formerly called accents). Customize your own on your user preferences page.
  • Fixed the "Ignore Spaces" option which was completely busted.
  • Added [square brackets] to the "Ignore stuff in parentheses" option and got rid of the bug that marked answers wrong when they should have been right.
  • Added a good print stylesheet so that printing pages on Quizlet now looks nice. This is especially useful if you want to print from the Test page.
  • Fixed some bugs in Test page grading when you have multiple correct answers for each term (and vice versa).
  • Create Set/Edit Set page [+] and [-] buttons should show on the same line now.
  • Random sets! Click on the Random Set link on the right side of the home page or browse page. It lets you continue random-surfing if you don't like the first random set you see. Cool!
  • Added "Topics" on the Browse page for languages, tests, science, and other stuff.

The suggestions everyone has been sending in have been wonderful. My next big project is to redo the Learn page completely, converting it to mootools and making it more flexible. Stay tuned on that. I also need to add some additional admin tools for group managers.


  1. Neil Kelty


    Very nice job on the upgrades. I love the accents.

    One thing - on the test page printouts...the "input" fields need to be darker.

    Also, are you looking for audio testimonials as well or just video testimonials. I don't have a webcam, but if you'd like some audio as well I could help you out there.

    Good luck on this scholarship!

  2. Andrew

    Neil - I'll take a look at the inputs. An audio testimonial might be fun too, so sure.

    P.S. I accidentally made it require WordPress login for you to post a comment. Sorry - you can comment freely now.

  3. Ryan

    Hey Andrew, I really like the updates :). I'll see what I can do for the Video testimonial, but I don't have a web-cam either, yet if I break out the video camera I could come up with something ;) So i'll se what I can do.
    Good Luck with the scholarship :D.

  4. Fyorl

    I'm not very good at being serious when on camera, do the people that review your video for the scholarship have a good sense of humour?

  5. Andrew

    Sure, I'll take whatever. Thanks guys!

  6. Heiswhoisnameless

    Shakesperean English,
    Iambic Pentamiter
    Thein way to ace English
    Was quizlet and Iambic Pentamiter

  7. Trevor

    Great! I especially like the customizable symbols. That is what I use the most.

  8. Nik

    Fantastic, Andrew! These benchmarks Quizlet is reaching seem so arbitrary when you first hear them - 10,000 users, so what? But it's just amazing when you think about it. <em>Ten thousand users.</em> Phenomenal.

    Great updates. The first, and I suppose flagship, update must be the symbols. That'll make like a whole lot easier. But they're really all helpful. I've never felt the need to print from the Test page, or any page besides those meant to be printed, but I tried today. Lovely.

    I'll see if I can do short video bit. If you get some good ones, you could even use them for an ad. That would be cool.

  9. Nik

    <blockquote>That’ll make like a whole lot easier.</blockquote>

    Should read <em>life</em>, not <em>like</em>.

    Did I mention the ability to edit comments would be nice?

  10. maha :)

    Hey andrew.
    Wish you luck on the scholarship!
    also i wanted to say quizlet has had great imprvment all thank to you and other pppls sugestions were proud of you!

    i also hv a sugestion: when we take the "learn" its kind of hard because if you do 1 spelling mistake it takes of 1 point and i kinda hv trouble with that.

    Maha :)

  11. Kate

    Andrew -
    Is there *ANY* possible way to allow a group owner/administrator to delete sets from that group? I love that different group members can make sets... but they don't all fit the purpose/goal of the group - especially as the group grows, lives, etc through the next academic groupings. I'd like to keep the core of our work - the sets that have academic impact.. and be able to delete the fun ones when we are done with them... or after that student moves on.
    Is this possible?

  12. Andrew

    Kate - You're in luck. I actually added that feature last night. In your group page, you should see little blue [x]'s next to each set listing. That will let you remove sets from your groups nice and quickly.


  13. Byron

    One suggestion - multiple answers. Sometimes, I know the word, but don't know how to spell it, but the test is multiple choice, so I don't have to know how to spell it.

    Thanks and Fantastic Job!

  14. Daniel

    Amazing job, Andrew! I especially like the customizable symbols, as that was a feature I requested. I hope you win the scholarship. Keep up the good work!

  15. Nik

    Andrew: Admins' ability to remove sets from a group is brilliant, something I never even thought about but which will be really useful. But you've just got big X buttons now - can you make some roll-over text along the lines of "Click to remove this set from the group" or something, in case people don't know what they're for?

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