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Welcome back to school — and Quizlet!

We know the start of the school year can be tough. If you’re a teacher, it means prepping your class material and lesson plans. And, if you’re a student, it means getting back into your studying groove.

Fortunately, while you were enjoying your summer, we were working on making Quizlet smarter. Check out four new features that will help you study more efficiently, save time, and collaborate more effectively this school year.

Flexible grading as you study

Studying terms with multiple definitions? Quizlet can now count a single answer as correct! That means, if you’re learning "el pastel" in Spanish, Quizlet can detect when you type in "cake" or "pie," or "cake / pie," and still mark you as correct.

You can adjust your grading settings for each set that you’re learning, and we’ll know to require one answer or require all answers across Learn, Test, Spell and Gravity (coming soon to Write).

Flexible grading.gif

This has been one of the most popular feature requests from both students and teachers. We love incorporating your feedback into how we improve Quizlet, so this is an update we’re all really excited about!

👉 Enable flexible grading

Faster creation with auto-suggestions

Create study sets more quickly with auto-suggestions. Start typing in your terms or definitions, and watch as helpful suggestions appear based on millions of terms and definitions already created and studied on Quizlet.


Choose from the suggestions to auto-complete your cards, so you can get straight to learning with Quizlet’s study modes.

👉 Try auto-suggestions now

Seamless sign-in with Google

Signing in to Quizlet just got faster: 1) Log in to your Google account, 2) go to Quizlet and 3) you will be automatically signed in to your linked Quizlet account — no extra clicks needed.

Google automatic signin.gif
👉 Enable automatic sign-in

Stronger collaboration on the app

Having the Quizlet app on your phone means being able to create sets and study whenever you need to — and now you can create and manage Quizlet classes too. You can easily add sets and invite new members directly from our iOS or Android app, making collaboration and sharing easy on the go.

iOS classes.gif

An added bonus: iPhone and iPad users will notice our app’s sleek new redesign, with all kinds of updates to make navigating your account easier and faster. (Coming soon to Android!)

👉 Download our free app

And there is more to come! Keep your eyes peeled for additional updates rolling out across our website and mobile apps over the next few weeks.

Here’s to a smarter Quizlet for an even smarter you this school year — happy studying!


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  22. El_Frankie PLUS

    Would love to be able to edit cards in "Learn" mode

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    Awesome!! I'm looking forward to using these new features on Quizlet with school this year!
    Keep on innovating!
    -- Proverbs_2_6 (Takethechallenge)

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    need an option where we can add bullet points & change the font/color

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    Nice! I just discovered Quizlet and its SOOOOOO helpful in my Spanish studying!

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    Awesome! The auto-complete makes it easier to make quizlets faster! However, can you only make sets offline if you are a quizlet plus member? (I'm just asking a general question)

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    This is so much easier when typing the vocab down, I can find the definitions much quicker

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    Amazing. Thank you for making it easier for us, Quizlet Team! Keep up the great work!

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    I actually really do not like the new update to "Write." I wish it was formatted like it used to be, where you could see how many terms you had left to complete, instead of a percentage of terms left to complete. As a daily Quizlet user, I find this new update to be extremely frustrating.

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    These are some great new features! I'm especially excited for the flexible grading because I make study sets for my entire class and they constantly tell me that they get stuff wrong, despite there being "multiple answers I didn't add." I've already started to enjoy the predictive typing to quickly check my work with others (spelling, general facts, etc.). Even though I'm a student, I use Quizlet like a teacher and fully support all the advancements y'all are doing, especially since I'm a Plus member. :)

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    it’d be nice if you could develope a feature where you can talk to other users! there are times when i’d like to ask questions to someone, and it’s a lot of work to exit quizlet then go to my own messages where i have ro screenshot my study sets. it would be great if we could also just message each othere here and be able to send each other study sets.

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    Thanks for the hard work; there are a number of nice and helpful features, especially the "require one answer or require all answers" .

    Also there is now 'Stronger collaboration', because you can now "invite new members directly", from the App. This is a good feature to have. Collaboration on a community sourced platform is fundamental.

    Though to make real collaboration possible, I would need to have a way to communicate with the learners who are doing the same set/course. A way to give feedback on omissions, possible improvements or errors such as typos. Or to express appreciation. And of course to talk about studying itself or how-to-do this or that. It's important for course quality and study-motivation. Or do you think this can be achieved in a different way?

    I am looking to further developments and growth of this great and affordable initiative!

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    Yay!! I have 3 more suggestions:

    1) Allow scrolling between suggested definitions. It feels limiting to only have 3 definitions prompted that we can scroll through, unlike all of the definitions we were able to scroll through before. ;(

    2) Multiple-choice feature!

    3) Allow editing during "Learn" mode.

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    If we are creating multiple cards, you guys should give us another option where we can enter the number of cards we want to create. Just clicking the add card area is very annoying (especially if you have to do it 25 times). I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.

    ~ Om

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    The time in 13th century Italy when artists re-discovered artistic skills "lost" since the time of the Roman Empire was called the
    When the first three answers get marked wrong by the computer, some parents get "cranky". This should help.

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    Thank you for all you have done in past three years. I cannot imagine my classes without using Quizlet. Such a powerful learning tool.
    I would like to make a suggestion this time. If possible to make text appear larger when in “learning” or “listening” mode, as my students are using it over projector in class, and is difficult for back rows to see it.
    Thank you once again, and keep doing great work

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    Taking 4 AP's this year. Gonna make my life sooo much easier. Thanks Quizlet Team!

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    Saw the cute little checkmarks telling you how many terms you're familiar with vs. mastered. LOVE IT! Very motivating. Although it doesn't count "I mistyped" as a correct answer for mastery - which may be a good idea anyhow. Only other thing I'd suggest is to swap "LEARN" and flashcard's order. I tell my students to go to flashcards first, since learn asks you questions you don't yet know the answer to. My kids get demoralized easy. I'm really, super impressed at how this app and website just keep getting better and better - and it's already the best flashcard site, so you're only beating your own record. LOL.


    OwO this is sooooooo KKEWWWL

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    Auto Suggestions are going to be really helpful. So glad I upgraded to plus with Quizlet this year :) Time to study!

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    That sounds amazing! If I could ask for another feature though, it would be to allow certain answers, like if you forgot to add a period to a definition, or if a word was plural, or if there is an added space between a formula.

  263. yerin247

    I remember many times being frustrated when it wouldn't take my single answer over the complete one, so I'm glad to see that you've added a feature to fix that issue! Great job, Quizlet, and keep it up! :)

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    if that makes any sense
    anyay great update

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    I guess this is seriously late, but I have a few suggestions:
    1) Can you please filter out the determiners/conjunctions/noise? Yeah, great for grammar, etc. But when you are marked as "wrong" for "the private sector" v.s. "private sector", it really gets annoying.
    2) Allow *actual* overriding during "learn". Every time I got something wrong for saying basically the same thing just in another way, I try to do "override: I was right", but it just keeps coming back, which doesn't happen if I matched the answers perfectly. I am basically using write instead of learn now for much the same reason and also, writing allows editing
    3) allow overriding and editing for write. If you made a set, went over it in write, and got an error because of a typo *in the set*, you have to choose between overriding it or fixing the error. This can't be hard to do.

    Anyway, great job! Although it can be frustrating to use quizlet for non-language purposes, it had been of great help.

  618. sboylanscience TEACHER

    Thanks for the subtle upgrades. Can you make it that teachers can see the class results of a test without having to click on each individual student?

  619. Gabatha_Do

    Thank you so much! Quizlet makes studying easier for me!

  620. beepwhodis PLUS


  621. russia72

    quizlet helps so much


    It helps me a lot so thank you so much

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