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Four step plan to ace the TEAS - Nursing prep (Part 1)

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This guest post was written by Kate Raiford, founder of Prenursing Smarter. She has been helping busy college students study smarter for more than 7 years using resources from her own website and her premium TEAS study guides on Quizlet.
She taught at San Diego colleges before creating her online TEAS prep program, Prenursing Smarter, in 2017.


If you are on your way to nursing school or the next step in your allied health career, you’ll likely need a good score on the TEAS. For many students, this test is the last step before applying to their dream schools, and your score can make or break admission.

The TEAS is a standardized test with four sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English. The test is used across the country by many nursing and allied health programs.

After working with hundreds of students during their TEAS prep, I’ve developed a 4-part framework that can help you can stay on track, feel confident on test day, and get a higher score.

It looks like this: Learn → Apply → Memorize → Strategize

You can use this framework for each section of the TEAS, so let’s talk about how you can make it work for you.

Step 1: Learn

In order to get a higher TEAS score, you might need to re-learn some material. The TEAS might test you on things that you learned as far back as 7th grade, so it’s totally normal to need a refresh.

Learning will look different for everyone. For example, maybe you got all As in your anatomy and physiology pre-reqs, but it’s been years since you’ve done math word problems.

Learning means giving yourself the time and the right materials. When you focus on learning, you’ll want to select material that helps you really dive in and connect the dots. This might mean using...

  • Notes from your college classes
  • Review courses that teach you what you need to know
  • Tutors at your college’s academic success center

This step often feels the most uncomfortable, so find supportive study tools. You are going to be tackling topics that you don’t know. It’s totally normal to feel a little confused or overwhelmed at this stage.

You can start today by making a list of the top 5 topics you’d like the most help with. Then, find in-depth sources that can guide you as you focus on learning the material. Quizlet is a great place to start!

Step 2: Apply

Applying is all about practice questions (not practice tests!). When you begin studying, you can take one practice test to help you identify what you need to learn, but try not to rely on practice tests that cover everything all at once. Instead, use shorter quizzes that focus on specific topics. Check out the four study guides I created on Quizlet!

When you are in the apply stage of your TEAS prep, try to do about 10 to 20 questions at a time. These should be short bursts to practice your recall and identify any gaps in your learning.

You’ll probably be bouncing between learning and applying in your early stages of TEAS prep. This will give you feedback on how well you’re learning the material and give you an opportunity to reinforce your recall.

Stay tuned for Nursing prep (Part 2) to get the details on steps 3 and 4 tomorrow.

Start applying your knowledge today

Each PrenursingSmarterPro Quizlet study guide contains 30-60 multiple choice practice questions. You may know Quizlet for flashcards, but these practice questions are designed to give you a more similar experience to the TEAS test.

Get started on stage two of your TEAS prep with a 40% off discount. Use code PRENURSING at checkout through Sunday 7/28 at 11:59pm PST.

Check out part 2 to this blog post.


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