This guest post was written by Kate Raiford, founder of Prenursing Smarter. She has been helping busy college students study smarter for more than 7 years using resources from her own website and her premium TEAS study guides on Quizlet. She taught at San Diego colleges before creating her online TEAS prep program, Prenursing Smarter, in 2017.

This post is Part 2 of a two part series on better nursing prep. Read Part 1.

Yesterday we looked at the first two steps of smarter TEAS prep: 1) Learn and 2) Apply. Today I’ll walk you through steps three and four.

Step 3: Memorize

Sometimes, you just need to cram information into your brain! For the TEAS, you’ll have very specific topics to memorize. Memorization will help you on test day in few ways.

First, memorizing specific concepts will help you with quick wins. Some question topics appear on almost every version of the test. Your goal is to memorize so that you can select correct answers quickly in order to buy yourself time for those trickier questions.

Memorizing also helps you because the TEAS will test your ability to apply certain steps and processes, so you need to know these inside and out. Here are few things that are great for memorizing for the TEAS…

  1. Path of food through the gastrointestinal system
  2. Traits of each column of the periodic table of elements
  3. Formulas for velocity, average, and the area of a triangle
  4. Prefixes of the metric system and their values

In general, memorization is great when you need to match terms with definitions, work with specific formulas or follow steps in a sequence.

To help you memorize effectively, you want to memorize regularly and for short bursts. Tools that work great for memory include…

  1. Audio reviews that you can play over and over again
  2. Writing terms/definitions, pathways, or formulas out at least 10x each
  3. Quizlet flashcard drills—of course!

Experiment to find a memory tool that works best for you. For example, I need to say things out loud several times and write them out in order to memorize.

teas quizlet-1.png

Step 4: Strategy

This step is probably the most fun step because it’s all about finding time-saving tips and using the test structure to your advantage.

The TEAS is a standardized test, which means its been designed and engineered. Every test taker is scored on the same general topics. If you get clear on what those topics are, you’ll be better prepared.

And, since the TEAS is a multiple-choice test, the answer is somewhere on your page or computer screen.

Specific strategy for specific question times is best learned through a test prep expert, but you can apply an important study strategy today. An often overlooked TEAS prep strategy is how you set yourself up for success with your TEAS prep.

So many students prep for the TEAS while being full-time students, parenting small children, or balancing work. You’ll likely need to study about 3 to 4 months, and one great study strategy is to be kind to yourself.

When you treat yourself well during your TEAS prep, you’ll be more likely to stick with it. You’ll be in a better mood when it’s time to study, which will help you learn the material so that it actually sticks.

Think of treats you can give yourself while you study. Maybe you buy some new colorful pens, drink your favorite tea whenever you study, or form a study group.

And keep in mind that studying it gets hard or frustrating, it’s not you: it’s the test. Find resources and people who you can trust with your questions and do your best to stay on track.

To recap, here’s how each of these 4 steps might look like in practice:

  1. Select video or text lessons on a key TEAS concept
  2. Devote 30 to 45 minutes to absorbing and note taking → learn
  3. After the lecture, take practice questions on the topic → apply
  4. Then, highlight emphasized TEAS terms/steps/processes and put them on flashcards → memorize
  5. Take a practice test and practice using the answer options to your advantage → apply + strategy
  6. Once you’re done, give yourself a treat, like a piece of chocolate or an episode of your favorite show → strategy

Keep going, do a little bit everyday, and be kind to yourself as you prep for the TEAS. By the time you are ready for the TEAS, you’ve already worked so hard. You got this!

Start applying your knowledge today

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