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Remote learning and Quizlet Live: Everything you need to know

Quizlet in EducationTeachers · Posted by Chad  April 17, 2020

We recently announced a new way to play Quizlet Live — with Individuals mode. It has all the fun of traditional Quizlet Live, while allowing students to play as individuals instead of teams. Now, teachers can run Quizlet Live remotely without needing student teams and communication.

If you haven’t tried Quizlet Live in a remote learning environment here’s how to start:

  1. Post an announcement to your students in your LMS system (Google Classroom, School Loop, Schoology, etc.) sharing that you are going to play a round of Quizlet Live. Be sure to include the exact day and time so that all of your students can play.

  2. Log in to your virtual classroom ( via Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc) and wait for all of your students to arrive. When all of your students are present, share your screen with the class.

  3. Choose the study set that you want you to use for Quizlet Live and select Live from the toolbar on the left side of your screen.

  4. When you select Live you will have the option to choose between Teams or Individuals. Select Individuals.

  5. Your students can now join from their mobile or web devices with either a QR code or their six-digit join code. Once students have joined, they will see a wait screen until you start the game.

  6. Click Start Game and the round will begin!

  7. The first student to answer all questions correctly wins the game.

Prefer traditional Quizlet Live with teams? Playing Quizlet Live with teams is more challenging in a remote setting, but here’s how to make that happen:

  1. Post an announcement to your students in your LMS system (Google Classroom, School Loop, Schoology, etc.). Be sure to include the exact day and time so that all of your students can play.

  2. Log in to your virtual classroom ( via Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) and wait for all of your students to arrive. When all of your students are present, share your screen with the class.

  3. Choose the study set that you want you to use for Quizlet Live and select Live from the toolbar on the left side of your screen.

  4. When you select Live you will have the option to choose between Teams or Individuals. Select Teams.

  5. Your students can now join from their mobile or web devices with either a QR code or their six-digit join code. Once students have joined, they will see a wait screen until you start the game.

  6. Once all of your students have joined, click Start Game and the round will begin. Students will now see their team name and team members. Students must then coordinate communication with their teammates. There are many ways to do this: Zoom allows break out rooms, LMS systems like Schoology or Google Classroom allow for students to interact with each other, and apps such as Discord have been used to allow student communication. Choose the best option that fits with your learning environment. For some inspiration for creative ways to play Quizlet Live, check out our blog post on Silent Quizlet Live.

  7. Once all of your students have coordinated with their teammates, click Start Game and the round will begin. The first team to get all questions correct wins the game.

Some advice from our teachers:

  • Remind students ahead of time when you plan to launch a game of Quizlet Live. Students really enjoy it, but if you aren’t haven’t class regularly, sometimes it is easy for students to forget.

  • To engage students, offer a reward for the winner of Quizlet Live. Whether it is extra credit or a free homework pass, it’ll boost the odds of students participating.

  • Individuals mode is a great opportunity to skip the hassle of organizing students outside of the classroom. For teachers who aren’t super tech savvy, Individuals mode saves a lot of time.

Learn on! Tag us on social media and share your Quizlet Live Individuals games with us using the hashtag #quizletalonetogether



Great to see Quizlet helping out during these difficult times ❤❤


Awesome Chad, thanks!


I love quizlet live so much! Stay safe and thank you, Quizlet! #Quaranteam #Can'tWaitToGoBackToSchool #StayingHomeSavesLives #Quizletalonetogether

bktrack  teacher

We are finishing a double elimination tournament using Quizlet.Live. Best 2 out of 3 games for each round. The final round is best of 5. 1st place $100.00 gift card, 2nd place 50.00 gift card and 3rd place 25.00 gift card. My version of March madness and the NBA Finals


If I can't tell who a student is, or they use an inappropriate name, I just kick them off. They can then rejoin with a better name.

Leigh_Chapman5  teacher

Thanks for posting this! Hopefully teachers will use it. Quizlet Live is a big draw for the kids. I’ve had up to 27 kids present on these days. THEY. LOVE. IT.


I really appreciate this new feature and my kids have been enjoying it on our google hangouts. Thanks Quizlet!


Great move! Way to stay on top of things Quizlet. I’m a fan.


There needs to be a feature added for teachers to select the teams instead of it being randomized. That way, using breakout rooms in Zoom could be an easier process.


Perfect.I was looking the other day for a Live remote session. You answered my prayers. My Spanish students get very competitive especially when I switch teams after each round.

lori_sam  plus

Quizlet Live is also fun to use for trivia sets, such as Star Wars or Disney. It gives students a fun break!


very helpful~ thank you . I will try this next week with my literacy class! It's great to be able to use the quizlets I've made as "live" reviews during this challenging time. Adds practical variety to the Zoom session.


Love this idea. I plan to use it this week as I am reviewing with the students for a quiz.


My kids have quarterly vocabulary sheets due. Top two scorers per class get a 5 word credit. They have to use names that I can identify.


Thanks for the idea. I plan to try it this week!


Thank goodness I had my kids play 2 ways in our class. They could say, "I don't have it" or we played "Silent Quizlet Live." They are ready for either method we use during remote learning! :)

Leah_Bass  teacher

Tried this with my class while we were on Google Meet. They loved it!!


My grade 4 and 5 students loved the live games I gave for them. The game link really made it easier to just copy and paste to Google Classroom. Only problem that I found was that kids can't open Google meet and Quizlet live at same time. So I just said hallo to them all explained it and let them leave to play the game. THANK YOU for allowing individual play option, huge help!


Thank you

Mrs_ADickte  teacher

I have used the Individual round of Quizlet Live several times now since it was made available. I have done all of the same steps except for the video meet/chat for students to see my screen. Instead, I take a screen shot of my computer screen and share it via Google Classroom and tell the students to all get logged in by a certain time as the game will begin at “X” time on the dot! We play for about 20 minutes at the most. Some students drop out after a few rounds and others play the whole time. It takes about 3-4 minutes for a game. Sometimes, I play with them and tell them they have to “beat the teacher.” Other times, I will play and stop at 11 to wait for them. The students are really perceptive and caught on that I was doing that, so they would stop and wait also until everyone was at 11 before clicking for the last question. I haven’t done this but I think I will tell them that when the last person gets to 11, we all wait 5 seconds before answering.

Mrs_ADickte  teacher

I love the progress bar across the top for students too, so they can “see” where all the players are in the “race.”


I am new to this - does it require students to have 2 devices available to them?


mrsbader206 no, my class usually has 1 tab open with quizlet live and another tab with our communications. 2 devices aren't necessary, but if you want to you can use 2 devices instead of 1. btw quizlet live also works on mobile devices.


This is great! I can't wait to try it with my students.

Ian_Keith  teacher

Awesome!! I'm going to try this tomorrow!! Thanks Chad :)

SraRoman2  teacher

I used it today, it went well, thanks!!

JwmsBandGeeks  teacher

When we do quizlet live in the real classroom, i usually offer an otterpop at lunch pick up for the winner or choose a piece of candy out of my candy shop (jolly rancher, dumdum or bag of m&m's, etc). The kids go crazy for them. My students love quizlet live. The only downside, I wish that each teams questions were in a different order. When everyone starts on the same question it makes it easier for kids to listen for the answers (unless we play in silent mode, no one is allowed to talk).


I have subdivided my classes into competitive groupings with separate timed invitations. The more advanced students compete against each other , and those who take more time to process information play against each other at a different time. It cuts down the intimidation factor, and allows students to play in more homogeneous groupings for this activity.


My students played this with me on a Google Meet last week. My principals tuned in and loved it. We had such a fun time! Thank you SO much Quizlet! You have always been my middle school students’ favorite way to study!


iam so happy take clas en line thank you sarah

Susan_Costanza3  teacher

This is great! I use it with my Social Studies ESL class, they love it!


Thank you


It would be great if students could use Quizlet Live without having a teacher's code... @Chad, maybe you could look into that?


im not a teacher and i didn't read this, but ill say thank you anyways for Quizlet doing this to help those who need it. Hope everyone is safe out there, and I long for the day we are all back to normal. 😀😀


I agree with Pentecostal-Girl. It would be nice to have a function that allows anyone to play.... Thanks!

Sally_Jimenez  teacher

Wow, so excited I have been using Quizlet LIve for about 6 years and I love it! Now I use it to get them motivated for their Medical Assistant Certification Exam. They become so involved and competitive that each time they want to play some more. Every so often if I see one group is winning more than three times randomly pick a new team. I actually joined when one of my students was having struggling taking the test since English was his second language, I didn't know what to do so my introducing him to Quizlet I helped him overcome his shyness and by the time he left class he was my Ambassador, was working at school, getting A's and came to class every day. He graduated and is working now at an urgent center in Huntington Park. My student who only understood yes and no is doing so well took his certification test and now is a certified medical assistant who is doing very well and taking English classes to become an RN. I keep in touch with him through Facebook. Thank you, Quizlet.


Stay safe everyone! We will get through this! Remember we're all in this together! #WAIT <3

MrsTodia  teacher

I love this as a review game. One question, can I see all of the results of a live game or only who was the winner?


Thank You. I will definitely try to incorporate this method into my next course for skills.


Thank you Quizlet team! I have been waiting for this live individual function since Covid 19 started.


so i am a student and i can say quizlet live is amazing and i learned what the topics my teachers picked pretty fast and my whole class wanted to it aging so we played it at least 3 times thank quizlet for make this easy way of learning.


I use Quizlet as a review My students become very competitive. I learned how to use this in my google meet classes with the help of two on my students. I feel empowered! The students can have fun in the google meet too.

JMalagon  teacher

I'm using Quizlet intensively for vocabulary review, so I asked them to 1 change the language from English to Spanish, 2 take a multiple choice 40q of a arge set of words, 3 score minimum 90% 4 send a screenshot of the final score showing the userId. The page will mention the name of the test "40 preguntas opcion multiple". The only thing I don't see there, that would be useful to incorporate on that screen, is the name of the set itself. That would be useful, so that students don't have to explain what this is. Also, could be useful to add the date-time when they take the quiz.


In Portuguese we would say RAZÔ haha =D Incredible tool, amazing description how to use it. Congrats and Thanks QUIZLET for doing such an awesome job!


thanks I will try the individual mode first. Maybe one day Ill try the traditional.Students love quizlet. maria

khawkinshyde  teacher

My high school students truly love playing Quizlet! I'm looking forward to them playing it remotely! Last year I taught 10th and 11th grade and they looked forward to playing at the end of a lesson! This year I'm teaching 9th and 11th grade, so I know it will be a fun, exciting and challenging way for me to assess their knowledge! Thanks Quizlet!!


I'm a student and honestly, I wish we played Quizlet more! It's such a fun way to learn!

kyleste91  teacher

Quizlet has been a great help to me and my students this school year. They have learned a lot more material in such a short time (1 semester). I've had an account for at least 2 years but this is the first year I'm actually using it. Wish I'd done this sooner!!! #Quizletalonetogether #QuizletRocks! #MaximumStudentEngagement

Sra_Aristizabal  teacher

I love Quizlet, but when playing Live with students, I can't see the questions and answers being asked/responded. Instead all I can see is the leaderboard. I'd love to be able to see all/a selection of questions as they are being asked so I could chime in. (Im teaching to all black screens and little vocal participation) Thanks for evolving these tools as we see needs arise during this extraordinary times.


Thank you. You wrote this with empathy. Really appreciate.


Appreciate it! Never thought I would miss that music until I heard it again!


I have used Quizlet Live before; my students loved it! I want to try playing it with Individuals now.

SraLukas  teacher

I LOVE Quizlet Live! I have been playing Quizlet Live for about 6 years. I was known in my school for rewarding my students with candy or extra credit and they absolutely loved it. I am excited about trying Q Live for Individuals students.


I'm new here, and I'm just studying how Quizlet can help me in the future.

JMinutillo85  teacher

Succinct explanation. I'm going to try Quizlet live with my chemistry and physics students next week. Thanks!


Is there a way to start a quizlet live (either team or individual) and NOT have the card available to 'study while you wait" so students can't just write the answers down at the beginning??


It is Ok as a quick, fun game to break up the class, but as a study/teaching tool, it needs to do more. Teaching virtually, I need a better way to monitor their activity. I need to be able to see what each student answered (or didn't), so I can help individual students. Quizlet live would be much more powerful if you added a feature that provides a report that breaks down by student how many they got right and wrong or wasn't answered, and which ones each student got right and wrong. I don't mean to compare programs, but a report like the one Kahoot provides. In many ways, I like Quizlet better as a way to provide study material for my students where they can complete different activities so it doesn't get stale, and that I can track and monitor what they are doing. And I like that Quizlet live gives them the questions in a different order and it isn't "timed", But for a group class activity until these features are added, Kahoot is still going to be my go to.


Buen día, requiero saber que cantidad máxima de personas puede soportar el quizlet live


j'ai pas live dans la barre a gauche

Schorsch67  teacher

When I want to use a study set with multiple choice questions for the live game, it doesn't offer the MC answers but the answers from the other questions.... Oh come on, this is [put some gross word here]. It completely defies the sense of a multiple choice quiz. This is not a feature, this is a bug. I also agree with Allison_Lundquist13 that there should be an option NOT to have the cards available for study during the wait. And yes, I also need to have a report like KimFarrier mentioned. Hope to see these changes soon.


Does anyone know how many participants can play Live on a set at one time?


Does anyone knows wether once the winner group has won the rest of the groups could keep on playing? Or when the winner group finishes the game ends?


There is no live option in my tool bar

srasmithers  teacher

I cannot get the Audio option to work in Quizlet Live. The support section in Quizlet help and support claims that you have that option after you start the game. I turned on audio, but it doesn´t actually work. Can anyone help?


There is no longer a live option in my toolbar


@atoleda2 : once there's a winner the game stops ! ;)

Flairer_le_FLE  teacher

I do private courses, so I connot use live or evaluation. We are always waiting for the second player...


what if you dont have a quizlet live icon


@sickan_stilling i dont have it either in my toolbar and am trying to figure out how to set it up without it....:(