As the 2010/2011 school year comes to a close we thought we'd share some highlights. All of the numbers are from September 1, 2010 to June 1, 2011.


  • 20+ million unique visitors
  • 232 countries/territories (out of 237 total per United Nations)
  • 10:37 minutes average time on site
  • 100+ million new flashcards

We also added a host of new features, including:

Finally, over 16,000 of you have written in with testimonials. Thank you!!! We read each and every one.

We're working hard this summer to make Quizlet even better. Stay tuned...


  1. ctyonahl

    Amazing work Quizlet! You rock!

  2. elee3

    1st comment oh yea

  3. elee3

    2nd comment oh yea

  4. Mike

    3rd Lol

  5. whitefox94

    Those are some impressive numbers. Lets keep it going.

  6. whitefox94

    How do we get more countries than there are recognised? 232/195?

  7. will

    Hi whitefox94,
    The number represents countries and territories. You can see the full list here:
    - Will (Quizlet staff)

  8. PLLFan8

    Quizlet Staff,

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for creating this site...It's very helpful!

    Much Appreciated,

  9. allAstudent

    Great Job Quizlet! Keep it up and I sooo look forward to working on quizlet again next year! Thanks

  10. JJ Jones

    This is amazing! I love Quizlet!

  11. Panther

    awesome.. btw also #11

  12. Major Monogram

    Wow, that is amazing. Quizlet will comtinue to progress for many years. Good Luck<3

    PS. (12th comment (:)

  13. Fan


  14. ctyonahl



  15. stuuuuuuudent

    this is one of my most frequently used sites and i love it SO much. keep up the good work

  16. catchmeifyoucan

    Just add Indonesian to that audio list n i'll be happy ^^

  17. kevintranneedshelp

    i <3 quizlet
    add another game plz
    and yes, add bahasa indonesia to the audio list

  18. Treemurderer

    Awesome! I got straight As because of you. Aced a test because of efficient flashcard system! Keep up the good work Oh and dont forget I was the 18th post

  19. isabel

    Awesome! wow 100 million.. thats a lot!!! i love quizlet

  20. jbob

    Great I am going to do Great on my band final

  21. imnottellinyoumyname:)

    I just started using quizlet and find it really helpful. My Science teacher recommended us this site so I thought I'd check it out. i thought it'd be lame, but only am i suprised to find it is VERY helpful. I am studying for my Finals now, I know I will do better than ever cause' you know what? QUIZLET, YOU ROCKK!

  22. The Awesome

    I love quiz let!!! This is way better than studying off of a paper. thanks!

  23. Nice... 22nd comment

  24. Some Person

    You counted wrong!

    GREAT JOB QUIZLET!!! I got straight A's in my first semester of this school year and now I am praying that the same thing happens again!!! Thanks for all the hard work!!!

  25. Dan


    Quizlet!!!!!......YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  26. Britt

    This... is amazing! Quizlet is awesome! Its one of the best ways to study!

  27. Topspin

    wow. coolio

  28. shalom

    i like quizlet.

    keep it sweet and simple xD

  29. shalom

    this is 29

  30. Coll1e

    Hey Quizlet you rock!!

  31. Michelle

    Keep up the good work!!!

  32. yankee fan!! what what

    quizlet is my life which is pretty sad to say because this is a studying website...but quizlet gives me life because i dont fail!!!!
    30th comment:)

  33. waterpoloman112

    1 big step for quizlet, another great big step for studying


  34. FranG2

    Good job Quizlet!!!

  35. Justin bieber

    good job quizlet

  36. BigBadBomb

    First off #34
    and Quizlet can you add a new game? the old ones are getting boring.

  37. xx1035

    This site helps me SO MUCH in college. Please don't ever close.

  38. sparkler

    That's amazing keep the great work and I'm sure many more people will join the site next year. Of all the flashcard site's I used I will never go back because I'm in love with Quizlet's!!!!!!

  39. sinisterlinster

    wow! that's a lot of flashcards..... o.o

    Love quizlet! congrats to the quizlet staff!

  40. lit-terms-girl20

    Thanks Quizlet!!! You guys rock and helped me ace a few tests!!!

  41. Computernerd

    I was wonder the size in megabyte of 100 million flashcard.

  42. Jake

    What an amazing accomplishment! I love quizlet so much, I owe you all my grades.

  43. jwill98

    Thanks quizlet! I have to say, you guys really helped me w=study for my finals

  44. cj

    quizlet rules they helped me get through all the test i took this yaer

  45. mc

    this site got me back on track for ss and english

  46. Corrector

    It says Quizlet only has 5 languages, but it has 6. They forgot Pig Latin (it's still available; they didn't take it away after April Fools Day was over).

  47. studyfreak

    if this site closes i will fail school!...

  48. Lu

    Best site ever!
    Always help me with everything
    Your the best quizlet

  49. tmip

    Best wish for you! ^^

  50. lepetitefleur

    Looking forward to hopefully many more years and flashcards to come!

  51. your welcome

    and thank you for helping me not fail high school this year

  52. Andrew

    Which countries didn't use quizlet?

  53. mt210

    53rd wow

  54. platoscloset22

    make french audible! i heart quizlet!

  55. Nice job quizlet!

  56. rangersapprentice101 (Knox)

    Oh yeah, Certificate of Excellence... 100% on all novel tests and vocabulary quizzes... in part, thanks to this site. Keep up the good work Quizlet!

  57. RandomnessLT1333

    O...M...G!!! Nice job Quizlet! This site also helps me study for upcoming tests a lot. GO QUIZLET!

  58. cj

    it is cool

  59. Vandy

    helped me so much with exams

  60. Julia

    the spanish flashcards? rock my socks. Gracias Quizlet

  61. 61 comment ohhhhhh yeaaaa!

  62. dragondancer23

    I luv quizlet. It helped me study and i think i got a really good on my vocab final because of you.

  63. leontd

    This is quite a remarkable achievements, congratz to Quizlet!


    wow quizlet uve done it again

  65. CJ

    67 wow

  66. Ely

    I was checking Quizlet, because actually I am preparing to take the TEAS and I found out that the questions you have as a practice test are kind of missplaced and also how did you get those flashcards, are thery based on the TEAS book?

  67. Coco Coindreau Salinas

    Cool Website

  68. Julieeee.

    Ahh, quizlet is just so ahh-mazing!<3
    If I didn't have quizlet.. ugh, I'm even shuddering at the thought.
    It's just an astounding website where I can study a whole lot better... Our friends and I even have a study group here~(:
    Anyway, I am just leaving this comment.. to appreciate how marvelous quizlet is.

  69. memememe

    haha 20+million new people?
    I think that includes me!

  70. memememe

    hey wait now Im number 70

  71. Sig.ra A

    Keep up the good work Quizlet!!!!! My students and I love the site. Test scores have improved..... and please add Italian to your 6th language.

  72. Sig.ra A

    Keep up the good work Quizlet!!!!! My students and I love the site. Test scores have improved..... and please add Italian as your 6th language.

  73. rangersapprentice101

    This is amazing!!!! I wonder how many are spam sets though.... anyways excellent work Quizlet!! I love this site!

  74. rangersapprentice101

    But please stop deleting chat and add Latin audio!!! Latin rocks!

  75. mlewis013

    I love this site. Quizlet makes studing so much fun!!!!!!!!Thank you Quizlet!!!!!

  76. alex aott barret

    i love this site just like i love mark

  77. tom

    sorry that was aaron l

  78. megster

    that is so amazing i had no idea that many people visited quizlet!!!!!!!

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