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Celebrating 2019 and Quizlet’s impact

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It’s been an incredible year for us at Quizlet and we have a lot to celebrate. While I spend a lot of my time focused on the numbers behind our business — how many students sign up or how many questions are answered each day, for example — it’s the stories of how Quizlet has helped individuals that consistently amaze and inspire me.

At Quizlet, we believe with tenacity and guidance anyone can learn anything. And as we help you build momentum and make progress, we know it’s just as important to celebrate your wins along the way. The numbers tell part of what we do, but the individual stories truly bring to light why Quizlet is turned to, again and again, for students working to reach their learning goals.

On that note, we are excited to publish our Quizlet 2019 Impact Report. You can download it here or read it below.

Join us in celebrating recent achievements of students and educators across the Quizlet community, including a blogger and public health major on her way to starting a non-profit, a once-undocumented student now turned Teacher of the Year, and a history buff and technologist who became a TV game show winner.

With over 50 million monthly active users learning across 130 countries, our impact around the globe has never been greater.

Whether its a goal to ace an exam in school, a strategic move to master a skill for work, or even a chance to change career paths by passing a certification or assessment, Quizlet is helping students everywhere prepare with confidence.

Here’s to closing out a big year of studying — congrats to everyone whose hard work has had an impact on their own learning and the learning of others!


  1. thea301 PLUS

    good job y'all!

  2. Gaster_17 PLUS

    Great work, Quizlet. Keep being awesome as ever.

  3. Pablo4314 PLUS

    Nice job, great for studying for finals

  4. It_Is_Davis_Da_best

    a nice job. if you can make a place like in google classroom where you can talk with other people in your class?

  5. samduman17 PLUS

    *applause* way to go quizlet, keep up the good work! your better then all other online learning communities. If I wasn't a broke high schooler, I'd buy your t-shirt "Quizlet Saved My Life!"

    God Bless

  6. Mickey20056

    Good job

  7. FeiHsu


  8. Pigster32

    And good job I love studying with quizlet

  9. A-Stranger-Trustme

    Kudos to Quizlet for being part of my *successful* 2019--in and outside of school!!
    ...Oh, guys, do y'all know that TOMORROW is going to be the last Friday the 13th of the DECADE?! Just a fun and obvious fact ._.

  10. Nivedita24

    Quizlet definitely deserves this. It has helped me learn my vocab and when we were reviewing for our semester exam, I hadnt gone over our vocab units since the quizzes and i still aced all of them and that is because of Quizlet.

  11. MystaryPi

    Very helpful! Love the effort from Quizlet.

  12. starblaster15001

    I have used quizlet since 2015, and it has made the biggest impact on my learning and vocab. Good work quizlet!

  13. Fizzagaz


  14. allieyoung25 PLUS

    this is awesome!

  15. JamesBailey03 PLUS

    Thank you for my article!

  16. VuxVux04 TEACHER


  17. YxHus

    can u guys hurry up and introduce sub folders already its such a simple thing...

  18. Austin_Spendlowe

    It's no memrise!

  19. Tylerisgreat14


  20. Kevin_Vazquez2121

    Thanks to Quizlet, I remember many vocabulary words from The Outsiders.

  21. s1027JWL

    Thanks to quizlet i can study my spanish vocab and i'm making a story called Wyatt Lowes My girlfriend is a werewolf

  22. allsmiles13

    Hey guys, great job. I really appreciate what ya'll are accomplishing over at HQ. Keep it up!

  23. namcbride

    Quizlet rewind 2019

  24. quizzi-pilots-champ

    Thank you Quizlet!!!

  25. cats_books

    I loved how it helped someone with jeopardy! I LOVE JEOPARDY


    I hate this game becasue it make u LEARN!!

  27. NSSK_Frodwaslike

    ty Quizlet ily

  28. MBNtrin

    wrd good job

  29. Andrew-Cubs2Spanish7

    Hello cool 24 sets made

  30. Marwah_Tarakey PLUS

    Good job Quizlet!!!! I'm an avid user that just upgraded!

  31. art55555

    I love how I can study for my Midterms through Quizlet!

  32. adammacklin01 PLUS

    Thank you Quizlet!! Keep up the great work!

  33. Linkgamer2007

    Thank You Quizlet!!

  34. Mcacuci

    Quizlet is pretty awesome, My classmates and I have made a class together and Quizlet has improved our test grades by so much. Thanks for everything.

  35. Frodo_Underhill PLUS

    Quizlet is an amazing study tool! I am glad to see how far it has come and how it has helped others and myself. Great job Quizlet!

  36. noobyhenry

    very nice quizlet!

  37. scottmac2000 TEACHER

    How can I invest in your company?

  38. CelesteQian

    I've been using Quizlet to prep TOEFL, GMAT and every final exam for a year. Thank you so much!

  39. butrflymt

    Amazing! Quizlet is a very helpful tool!

  40. salo1c

    GOOD JOB!!!!
    how amazing (btw quizlet is great fun too)

  41. iamtrackmom

    Thank you for exponentially rising my Spanish vocabulary game! As of today 1600 new words Quizlet is a gift to my Spanish Learning World. Self Taught Self Proud.:-)

  42. Cmae44

    Thank you Quizlet! Without quizlet, I might not be passing all of my classes! Thanks for making such a huge difference in so many ways!

  43. EllaBrochu

    Thank you Quizlet for all that you have done!! This is the most effective way to study fast!! I love all the different choices and ways to study. I am going to ace this year of school because I have the best study tool right at my fingertips! Not only are you guys helpful, but it is also fun and encouraging to learn. Good Job!!!! YAY! Quizlet saved my life!!

  44. nunuhi

    Thank you Quizlet you have helped me a lot in Chinese and Science

  45. katiegtyson

    If I didn't use quizlet, I wouldn't be passing Human Anatomy.

  46. ConnorFarrell2024

    Yeah, I want to comment and talk to others in my class.

  47. snaylor8 PLUS

    Quizlet helps me with everything such as Vocabulary, French, Language, Science, and Geography (and all my other classes) Without Quizlet, I wouldn't be making the grades I am now. It also helps my classmates when I create a Quizlet, and Quizlet classes helps them find those study sets. I've had Quizlet for about two years, (on several different accounts) and Quizlet plus for only a few months. I continue to use Quizlet for all of my subjects and upcoming tests and quizzes. Keep it up, Quizlet!

  48. victorianoonan8 PLUS


  49. VishyFishy28


  50. DoomChuy

    Thanks Quizlet you help me in every step of the way to learn more

  51. SydSydPq PLUS

    Nice job quizlet!

  52. Dannynumber

    Love it

  53. lukashoermann


  54. maNnYwOntWIn


  55. bobandbottle

    Great job Quizlet!!! Thank you for helping me a LOT with studying!!!

  56. pori5 PLUS

    Thanks for everything, Quizlet. This year i been using this website for my science vocab and other study reasons, and I have to admit its been so helpful in raising my grades and getting good scores on my tests. Thanks once agian for everything!

  57. Lucas6622

    thank you so much for everything oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS

  58. ItsYourBoiDon

    Quizlet's great. Best website for studying by a mile.

  59. eileening721

    bruh cool
    so much better than quia

  60. BTang24

    thanks quizlet

  61. KappaCaleb

    Quizlet's great.
    ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

  62. AnthonyMarra_

    Quizlet helps me learn everything from theatre lines, to languages, to vocab

  63. KerneyKid

    wow what a great achievement Quizlet! i take my world geography midterm in a couple hours. because i used Quizlet, i feel like i know everything i need to know to pass. Thank You very much. without Quizlet, i would be grounded.

  64. Maverick_McKown PLUS

    Good job!

  65. waltchackdr

    I love quilt soooooooo much. It is such a helpful tool to prepare for tests, but I do have one problem with it. When you are doing learn or test if the answer is four and you type in 4 you always get it wrong. What I am asking is, if the developers of quilt are able to add in an option for other answers when you are making the quizlet. Thanks for your consideration!

  66. athenaforever23

    u helped out me alot thank u

  67. santihortiz

    thank you for saving my grades quizlet your the reason I ace tests.

  68. Definatlynotarussian

    Yo let’s go quizlet

  69. Kluting

    great job love this site

  70. MadisonL5353

    thank u quizlet

  71. PinkCheetah06

    thank you quizlet. you really have helped passed tests i thought i was going to fail. lol I love this site.

  72. i_eats_pie

    (っ °Д °;)っ(っ °Д °;)っ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭ (ง •_•)ง(●'◡'●)(✿◠‿◠)= ̄ω ̄== ̄ω ̄= yay.

  73. hctang

    Quizlet was a great help on my Spanish tests

  74. joy386


  75. smallchild69

    It is 25 right?

  76. Mackenzie-Bass

    Quizlet is the best thing in the educational world. Much love to the creators :)

  77. tsuiyuh PLUS

    Of course, it's helpful. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide the "search" function until now to let users look for terms if needed. I believe that function is very necessary in a such large database, like hundreds of sets.

  78. Spock59

    Could this be run along with google classroom?

  79. reid__h PLUS

    quizlet has helped me with so much.
    keep going lads ;)

  80. rasika11

    Congratulations!!!! Quizlet helped me with so much.

  81. West_Gartland

    Before are teachers started using quizlet i did not have the best grades and one year later when are teachers started using quizlet i got a lot better grades

  82. regell

    You guys are legit. I just wish you can scan your document without paying that's all....but good job!!!! KUDOS to the people behind quizlet!!! Looking forward to 2020 quizlets!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

  83. IndiaGirl7

    My grades have improved so much!! Thanks Quizlet!!!

  84. Yashu573

    Quizlet is the best.Thank you so much! GREAT JOB!!!

  85. md25412

    this is so good for lerning it helps me with my work all the time

  86. Scamilton4Life

    thanks for a good year
    i guess

  87. Rulerofthecourt33

    You are the best learning site! Thank you for helping me learn!

  88. j21163721

    thank you so much. this really helps me prepare for finals!!

  89. A-Belser

    quizlet owns me thank you

  90. Magic_Mark621

    Great job, Quizlet!

  91. schafjt2328

    thank you so much quizlet for letting be able to pass my classes

  92. Steffano_Darling

    I would not pass my classes without Quizlet, honestly. LOL. Thank you so much to everyone who make this site possible for us students!

  93. Dragonn20

    Thank you so much!!! Quizlet is so helpful in my daily life.

  94. Le_chungus

    Quizlet is smazing


    To be honest, I do not know where I would be without Quizlet. In case you read this, Quizlet, please add a function where classes can have group discussions and forum boards similar to google classroom. I would be enthralled if that were an added feature. :) Thank you!

  96. SpencerWoodbury24

    oof-translation: thank you quizlet for helping me study(and procrastinate) for tests.

  97. xwrigwv

    My problem is that quizlet plus is unfair for the ones who do not have the money

  98. zous_sam

    Quizlet is the best app
    Every morning the first thing I do I open my phone
    Go to the Quizlet app and study
    It helps me very much in studying the language.

  99. jack_strealy

    This has been my line of defense for exams, thanks Quizlet.

  100. redpandapaw1

    Quizlet is so cool!😀😀😀😀

  101. S_antiago PLUS

    Congrats on your milestone! Quizlet has to be the most helpful learning tool I have found, and the new beta functions are definitely helping to cement that. Keep it up.

  102. sydneewei_tka

    Thanks Quizlet! 😘😘

  103. Charlatte-X

    Thank you Quizlet! I am currently using your amazing platform to study for a test, a platform that has helped me succeed tremendously throughout school. Thank you so much.

  104. rigawiga

    quizlet!! u made me pass all my tests!!! best in the world!!!
    contadulations on reaching 50 miillion!! impressive!! keep it up!

  105. emshort23

    thanks for helping with finals!

  106. tobyburkum1

    Good job zGoys!!!!!!!!

  107. michellesantoso

    thanks for making my grades go up!!!

  108. SCRaysfan

    Quizlet gang

  109. Gustavo9921

    Couldn't have done it without Quizlet. Thank you!

  110. SaeedKhan241 TEACHER

    if you want to tailor the learning outcomes in students then who will do it in best way.The answer is Quizlet

  111. marvelousmadhu

    Quizlet has helped me on many occasions and i hope it continues to be this awesome

  112. andr6507

    quizlet is an excellent website that allows you to create study sets based on an individuals learning and helps to comprehend subjects such as math -living enviornment.

  113. lishjd2018


  114. abby8358

    cool look awsome

  115. AshleyJEllis PLUS

    Thanks Quizlet! Ending this semester with great grades. Couldn't have done it without you!

  116. ob482004

    💪😀 looking strong quizlet

  117. notyouraccount12


  118. KurtDaOnee


  119. Sanjana_75

    Quizlet is a helpful studying platform that I am sure high schoolers like myself, use from different parts of the country. Good job and congratulations to Quizlet. Cheers everyone!

  120. answersplease123345


  121. Rafael_Remetta

    I love quizlet best thing ever

  122. CHEN_VlVl PLUS

    quizlet's so efficient and easy study :))

  123. LeaderboardPlayer PLUS

    gg peeps!

  124. fuzzyevanbowl


  125. gsingh402711

    Love Quizlet! It is so Helpful :)

  126. jazz123274

    quizlet is my best friend and has helped me so much. It has improved my grades so much.

  127. harleyq03

    i love quizlet it helps me so much

  128. kitchenben GO

    Amazing, learning is so much easier and fun. Keep up the great work.

  129. Jeffrey_Womble

    it helps a little but not a lot

  130. KadenDaPotato

    This is one of the only reasons I went from a D+ student to an A+ student thank you quizlet my hard work and quizlet helping me study and play games with my study terms really helped me. You do have a lot to celebrate.

  131. deja40 TEACHER

    Thank you Quizlet! I first began using this program to help me pass my professional exams (PRAXIS etc.). Now, my students use it to enhance their learning. They can't get enough of it. Kudos to you. You are truely a blessing! :-)

  132. rEEsE_bAcKuP

    I ❤ Quizlet!

  133. G9115

    Make the Plus functions for everyone.

  134. deja40 TEACHER

    Phenomenal job!

  135. vylemai PLUS

    I love Quizlet, but I would it more if they are a separated box for writing examples :)

  136. boltund11

    I love quizlet but I wish you didn’t have to pay to upgrade to quizlet plus :-)

  137. lou49556


  138. boltund11

    I love quizlet
    Well done!!!

  139. superwins8

    Good jod ! Thank you Quizlet ! ! !

  140. David_Paxton23

    i love you all

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