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Quizlet launches our 2020 Inspiration Report

Quizlet HQQuizlet in Education · Posted by Matthew  March 4, 2021
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2020 held many firsts for us all, as we navigated a global pandemic and countless changes to our work and learning routines. Despite all the challenges, however, we had the opportunity to hear from so many Quizlet users about their personal journeys -- and we have a lot to look back upon and celebrate with you.

Through the past year, we’ve been so inspired by the strength and resilience of both students and educators around the world. Students navigated immense shifts in what it meant to “attend” class. College applications and testing were upended. Many students experienced wifi and technology challenges. And, all while trying to stay on top of their schoolwork in a remote setting, away from the classroom. Meanwhile, educators spent hours creating new lesson plans, working to get their students access to technology, and tirelessly trying to engage students through a virtual environment. None of it was a small feat.

Each and every story we hear about a student or teacher rising to the occasion, and persevering through unprecedented circumstances, fuels our commitment to ensuring Quizlet’s learning tools are the most effective and accessible they can be. Quizlet’s community accomplished an impressive amount of learning goals during a year full of unknowns, and that deserves a big round of applause.

In light of the tenacity we witnessed from so many, we’re excited to share our latest Impact Report -- which we’re calling the “Quizlet 2020 Inspiration Report.” You can download it here or read it below:

I’m really proud of the efforts our team made in helping people learn in 2020, as evidenced by this report. Of note, we launched our AI-powered Learning Assistant, the GCSE Resource Centre and Quizlet Live for individual players.

Quizlet remains highly focused on being your ally and go-to learning destination. Thank you for continuing to inspire us.