1. cmendonc2 PLUS

    Can't wait!

  2. CDREDD82

    Yes android is a good source 2 have around your house its also a good resource to look stuff up.

  3. zzravizz

    I'm excited!

  4. nina-day

    Seriously can't wait! It'll be awesome to be able to study on the go.

  5. deedee500

    What type of app is you making for android??? I love androids!

  6. jameslynn PLUS

    Will it be available on the Kindle Fire HD? I use one at school and it would be really useful to have Quizlet on it.

  7. haleylovesme

    i have a iphone 3gs will be able to study on the go aswell?!!

  8. TGIpeace

    Yes that is great.

  9. nalsur10

    Very eager to make use of it for my college education!

  10. asuth STAFF

    @haleylovesme, our current iPhone app should support the 3GS!

  11. rachiegrace221

    Thank you!!!

  12. AlejandroH510


  13. Bob-1234


  14. arielaliza

    YAY! Can't wait!!! Thank uuuuuu!

  15. Agent-Romanoff

    I CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Agent-Romanoff

    I CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 3DGmpm

    When do you think it will be on the market?

  18. nina-day

    I second that. Do you know when it'll be on the market

  19. lknaggs1 TEACHER


  20. whunterscott

    It's about time. Can't wait!

  21. PurpleRi26

    Yea! I have an android phone, and I can't wait!!! :)x million(a million smiley faces)

  22. alecb127rulez

    getting it if its free

  23. quigsreese

    Really? No way!

  24. Bini_

    When it is available? (Approximately)

  25. ajoneswash

    many of my students have androids and the others have iphones. I would like to for my cards to be available to all anytime anywhere. Looking forward to this app!

  26. Jenn22Smitley


  27. TKC


  28. ZacWilloughby

    hell yea my tablet is andriod

  29. LHefferman

    Will it be optimized for tablets? I've got a nexus 7, and it'd be really great if it fit the screen perfectly.

  30. Melia625

    I have been waiting along time for this!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!

  31. ballchinian24

    could you please let us know when you think it will be ready around

  32. bobzox

    Android has so many good features let's go quizlet!!!

  33. NikolayPomytkin

    Can't wait!

  34. bruceyboyy TEACHER

    Good job Ankush, you da man.

  35. miguel_salcedo9


  36. julioccl

    Ankush Gupta please, I need the program for androidddddddd, nowwwww. Thanks. Julio.

  37. GetThereFromHere

    yay!!!!! need it now!!! *)

  38. batestiah

    I cannot wait until it is released because the mobile website acts glitchy on my Android phone...

  39. goldenlab

    can you fix the learn it only says English can you fix that

  40. jespain

    I can already see my grades improving and it hasn't even been released yet...

  41. CyrilBiselx

    CAN'T WAIT! Have you an idea about the date of the release ~?

  42. Samythehandyman

    cant wait and i hope u make one for kindle fire

  43. megabhattrai

    Can't wait :)

  44. PurpleRi26

    can u let me know when it's out? oh, and does it work on android tablets? if it doesn't then, waaaah! jk, i won't cry!

  45. Bini_

    when approx.?????

  46. sazhassan

    Will this be available on the older Android devices, like say, a Behold II (Samsung) ~ from T-Mobile.

  47. Wildcat715

    How is this coming along? very anxious

  48. arunbelur

    Can someone drop in a tentative date for the much awaited Android App!! It kills to not have it on my Galaxy Note 2

  49. KonnerDoucette

    when will this get here....... cannot wait use android everyday.

  50. skumar1992

    best wishes @Ankush! :D

  51. cmendonc2 PLUS

    How's that app looking? :)

  52. cbott1

    Shane Mooney

  53. cbott1

    Aaaaannnndddd... Shane Mooney

  54. sbumpous

    can't wait!

  55. WaterFireEarthAir

    Finally an official Quizlet app, thanks a bunch!!!

  56. matan_arkin

    Still waiting... When is it coming?

  57. SSpartan010

    Can't wait!!! If you can, hurry please?

  58. amandaafsusd

    That was in January but I have class coming up in August! Could you email me some apps that might work on droids?

  59. ladyangler007

    When will the android app be available? If not real soon, how can I access quizlet on my android device? Samsung galaxy express? I use the app all the time it helps when studying the medical terminology!!!

  60. Peyton_Henderson87

    Took long enough

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