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Just updated class invites: Now it shows who sent you an invite in the sidebar of Study Feed. You can also see all the email addresses you've sent class invites to!


  1. CJSurtz

    Thanks - that's helpful and neat to have!

  2. Tarot

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Foxandotter

    We appreciate it!!

  4. Celeste_Everwhite

    That's cool! Thanks, and welcome to Quizlet!

  5. jameriquewitherspoon

    thankyou quizlet

  6. jameriquewitherspoon

    thankyou quizlet

  7. catencio

    nothing much u ?

  8. zennonisgreat

    this is soooo fun.

  9. catencio

    i know right

  10. molson75


  11. sarav99greenkoala

    heyyyyyy :)

  12. Mgarman2270

    What do you need that for??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. dwane9903

    64 now and thx quizlet

  14. chukwuebuka

    thanks a lot

  15. Carlesha120


  16. multicats123456789

    But there is no create set on the official app!!

  17. mariahmurphy

    Thank you!

  18. lukeybrookes

    i like chinese people like you!

  19. 1Sophie

    This is a great update and very helpful! Thanks!

  20. EthanIsHere

    That is helpful. Also just because I don't know where to ask this why does when many people in a class add words all at once it deletes the words of other people who are adding words at the same time? Is that a programming glitch? My teacher RBolt explained that it was an old programming problem but I just wanted to kmow. I like this update though. I made a class a while ago and this is helpful.

  21. GPeters

    Thanks - A visual of the addresses is helpful. Is there a way to resend the invite if they still want to join and already received it once but didn't know how to join?

  22. randan


  23. goldenlab

    can you fix the learn because it says gust English can you fix it

  24. goldenlab

    thanks for the help on Quizlet

  25. nathan557


  26. Prezi

    that's so cool

  27. goldenlab

    WHat is so cool

  28. goldenlab

    I like scatter

  29. raevyn_vaughn

    YAY ! ! !


    Scatter is fun this website helps when u need it

  31. mshen13

    Could you please make a button that can auto-define ALL the terms in a set? I have a lot of vocab words and I just want them all automatically defined with the first definition you have.

  32. knighted42

    Help!!!! I started to use speller. Everything was fine. Then there was no audio. I was upset but I continued. Then something very weird happened. I did the Spanish word right and the box went green. Great. But the green never left. Also, the English word didn't leave. And since I had no audio I wasn't sure what happened. Apparently, it was a different word. I need this fixed. I can't pass my class without this. Please help! Fix what's ever wrong. Also, I wasn't just my home laptop, it's also my chrome book. What's going on!!??

  33. jasminejames98

    that's wounderful

  34. nicoleash14

    this is a very educational sight lol

  35. cbott1

    Shane Mooney
    Software Engineer- Android

  36. cbott1

    Jen <3's Shane Mooney

  37. kaaydee

    yay! thanks:)

  38. chench

    I like how there are only few of you that are plus. come on you guys

  39. bluedomke


  40. kabriana12

    lol ik right and i like it to

  41. Jen_Zhou_Winn-Dixie

    Thanks so much Jen!! :)

  42. codywil3

    I'm a student and you guys are awsome!

  43. looneyakabb


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