1. Planar

    *5 minutes ago* Checks "Inside Quizlet" *A few seconds ago* Checks "Inside Quizlet." Finds new post. First to high-five!

  2. CJSurtz

    Yes! This will be very helpful, much appreciated. I can't wait to use it!

  3. gonandi

    totally awesome

  4. Foxandotter

    good stuff right here



  6. Agent-Romanoff


  7. Xiuqiao

    7th comment :)

  8. takeawalk


  9. asuth STAFF

    comment counts should now be fixed.

  10. Squidward36


  11. multicats123456789

    I want to have create set on the official app and I want it as an iPad app as well

  12. cxcharlie

    yes please make an app for the iPad as well, the resolution is terrible on it. Thanks!

  13. Marry23

    awesome finnaly

  14. so_sew

    I updated it and now my app completely doesn't work. I log-in and it shows the study feed but it keeps looking like it is going to load and then a message pops up that there is an error loading sets. I sent an email to (support at but I got no response. I deleted the app twice and reloaded it but I get the same problem every time.

  15. Micro734

    I never knew they had a quizlet app

  16. mperez0203

    This is a great web site/app I highly recommend it!!!!

  17. hannamarie143__

    -Gets Quizlet app- :3

  18. alexpierce09

    if you wany the app, just so you know it is very hepfull and i dont know what im talking about. sorry, my mind is just on other things.

  19. lineline4

    Yes! High five for quizlet! And I cant wait for create sets to be available on the go!!!!

  20. FortuneTeller

    This is awesome! Do you guys have an estimated date for when the "Create Sets" will be available? Like, I know you guys are fixing bugs on the website and the app but... I just can't wait! Extra excited~♥

  21. jinnybean13

    Thank you! Finally!

  22. Joe_Kelly9641 PLUS

    Thank you but now I think we should be able to create sets in the app

  23. gsembeninitato

    Yay i got the app and i love it and it works nicely:P

  24. k2198455

    You should definitely invest in getting an android app for quizlet.

  25. sou123

    You should make a quizlet app for the people like me who have windows phone... :(

  26. EvanVolkin

    the update makes it 10 times better!!! Thx so much!!!!!!!!

  27. samuraigirl123

    Thanks! I can now study on the road... :). P.S. I love high-fiving!

  28. kaleidostarfan

    it would be cool if u had one for all tablets

  29. trusan

    Would you please make an app for andriod?
    Thank you so much for making it.

  30. mjt2001

    just downloaded the app, this is great - thank you quizlet for making studying just a little but easier

  31. fernando_v

    ummm i have been wondering how to do this and its great i love it and ima do more often ;)

  32. candylover1234

    sweet i really want the iphone 5 :)

  33. candylover1234

    does anyone know some cool apps thx :D

  34. lahhbaee

    Is there a quizlet app for androids?

  35. lisairizarry

    will you have an app for ipad soon?

  36. aderenne

    What about us Quizlet users with Android phones??? We would LOVE to have an app too! :)

  37. deFontie

    You should update your Chrome app to have offline also!

  38. therealmradams

    Yes please! An android app. The Mobile version is not real usable on my Droid 2. I am inservicing my staff on next week. Would love to tell them an android app is on the way...

  39. emilyyyychester


  40. MinnieMouse2002

    when is create set comeing on the app? otherwise,Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. alih44

    add a way to create set on app

  42. bellini01

    45 comment

  43. CameronStubbs

    real wish granted:

    You guys should check out this website!

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